About the vegetable baskets

I have been receiving several inquiries about the vegetable baskets.

I brought 6 to Arnhem and they were all taken; I am now waiting for the supply (baskets).
Once any of you are also interested in and once you can leave me some time, I would love to make a lovely one for you too. You just have to email me at oiseaudenim@gmail.com (not necessary to leave messages here) and for the moment, I don’t list anything on my Etsy shop.

Thank you!


Esther y su mundo. said...

Son impresionantes!!Eres una auténtica artista. Felicidades!!

maria said...

They are gorgious!
It was nice to meet you in person in Arnhem, you are very sweet.
On the previous picture from your stand in Arnhem i see one of the shops i bought from your neighbour.
I am already started to paint the outside today.

Snowfern said...

your vegetable baskets are gorgeous, no wonder they sold out so fast ;)

Congrats on a successful fair!


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