My Treasures, My Presents

I have been thinking to make the post and share some very nice miniatures that I have received from the friends of blogland . The most important thing for me is the good will and kindness. :)
Goldfish in a Glass Bowl
Carol found it in Chicago and delivered directly from the show. She is a very nice friend and knows well I love very much Japanese artisans’ creations. :) I was so touched when receiving her parcel. I will find a good place and well set it up in the beautiful scene of my miniatures. :P
Glass Bottles
I was very lucky to win the bottles from Pepper,  Mitchy Moo Miniatures! I read very often the techniques and know-how she shares with us in her blog. I find the tips so helpful for my project. Thanks so much, Pepper!! :D

Wash-basin Table
This was a big surprise when I met Marie-Laure in SIMP in Jun! I saw it on her table when we started to settle the stands. It was so fine and delicate, I decided to buy it but Marie-Laure gave me as a gift. I was so spoiled!!! Merci, bisous!!!
Moses Basket
I am a loyal fan of Lidi! Every time when I received her parcels, I could not help but praise the craftsmanship!! When I saw the Moses basket on her blog after I came back from Paris, I fell in love with it. It's so gorgeous! At that moment I thought I had a bb girl and the color was so perfect!! I definitely treasure it. :) Love to you, Lidi!!

The cake stands shown on the last pictures are made by me, inspired by a lady whom I met in the workshop of SIMP. They are parts of the accessories of the project "Au Rêve Gourmand" too.
Have a great weekend! :-)


Au Rêve Gourmand

It’s been a long time I don’t update the status and say hello to the friends of blogland. How are you doing? :)
I have been quite depressed since the 2nd August; once I thought I might die in France. It was horrible to get a fever of 12 days without stopping and it’s suffering to catch acute bronchitis.  I did not sleep in the night during the first two weeks; especially it was not possible to lie down on the bed due to the breathing problem.
Fortunately, I am recovering and feeling better now.  I have smelt the autumn and felt great the cooler weather is coming!
I have been working for a project from mid-July because I wanted to build my first dollhouse; I was planning to build a light food restaurant and it’s called “Au Rêve Gourmand”. Just it’s stopped during the period that I was sick. I expect to be back to the project soon!
Another good news is we are waiting for a little bird now. It was a surprise but we appreciate much that a baby boy will join our family. I know I might not create as much as before but I still want to fly in the world of miniatures before his arrival. :o)


Thank you and the winner is...

Hello everyone,

First of all, I need to say thank-you to the nice friends and senior artisans who have helped me out and have contributed their wonderful works in the book; because of them, the book looks more attractive and interesting! :)
Angie Scarr, who writes the preface for my book.
Lidi Stroud of Basketcase Miniatures, who has made several incredibly fine baskets for the scenes.
Maria Trono of “Il Cucchiaino Magico” who made very nice Italian cookbooks for me.
Alma & Lia of “Vilia Miniature” and Adriana of “Bagus Italy” who share with me the WONDERFUL Tuscan style kitchen cabinet kit.
Luce Fédièere of “My French Cuisine” who has shared her know-how with me since 2010 and help correct the texts of the book.
Avant tout je voudrais dire merci à tous mes amis et des artisans qui m’ont conseillé et contribué à l’attrait et à l’intérêt du livre :
Angie Scarr qui a écrit la préface du livre,
Lidi Stroud de « Basketcase Miniatures » qui a réalisé les paniers tressés très fins des dioramas,
Maria Trono de « Il Cucchiaino Magico » qui a fait de très jolis livres de cuisine miniature,
Alma & Lia de « Vilia Miniature » et Adirana de « Bagus Italy » qui m’a prêté la cuisine tocsane en kit,
Luce Fédière de « My french Cuisine » qui a partagé son savoir-faire avec moi depuis 2010 et qui m’a aidé à corriger le livre.
I sincerely thank you all my blog followers’ participation and the lucky winner of the 3rd-year blog anniversary giveaway is


Please contact me and let me know your address. I will dispatch the gift next week!
Have a nice 14th July!

Je vous remercie fidèles lecteurs de votre participation ; pour le cadeau du troisième anniversaire du blog j’annonce l’heureux gagnant qui est Paloma, qui doit me recontacter pour recevoir son cadeau la semaine prochaine.
Heureux 14 juillet à tous.

Fun & cool! Scribble Too

I found « Scribble Too » on Stéphanie’s blog!
It’s so fun and easy to make your own illustration :D
Though the girl does not look like me, she reflects parts of my inner side.
Have fun!


Kitchen waste? No!! :)

I was stressed before leaving for Paris; no matter how much efforts I tried, I always thought that my stand did not look right. At that moment, I was not willing to take pictures of each individual piece.

J'étais stressé avant d’aller à Paris; malgré les efforts que j'ai essayés de faire, j'ai toujours été insatisfaite de mon stand. À ce moment-là, je n'étais pas envie de prendre quelques photos de chaque pièce.

After three-day rest, I took out the rest works from the luggage and took some pictures of them. Though they were not totally sold out in the show, they are still lovely in my eyes. :)
Après trois jours de repos, je prends les pièces qui sont restés dans les bagages et j’ai pris quelques photos d'eux. Bien qu'ils n’aient pas été totalement vendus dans le salon, ils sont encore mignons à mes yeux. :)


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