French Pastry Party

It's the first day of March. I have been seeing some blossoms in my city. Spring does arrive!

This month I’d like to experiment more on French dessert making.
Here is the first part of this series:
◆Cream Puffs Box:

each box includes 1 Saint-honoré à la rose,1 Paris-Brest, 1 Religieuse chocolate/ violet.

◆Raspeberry Pastry-Le Divin :

◆Raspeberry Pastry- L'Ispahan:

◆Mini Paris-Brest:

◆Raspeberry Chocolate Tarte

All of them are in my Etsy Shop now.
Enjoy it & happy March! ^_^


Irene said...

These look sooooo good!

hannajaleijona said...

I agree. These look just amazing and very real and very very delicious. Wonderful work!


Snowfern said...

woahhhh amazing work! beauuuutiful! ^ ^

follettosem said...

beautiful miniatures...you're really great!!I'll follow this blog by now!!Sam.

Mei said...

Thank you so much for dropping by at my blog. I think it's such an amazing coincidence because I was browsing at Etsy about a week ago and saw your wonderful shop. I love how your style in creating miniatures, and I absolutely adore the way that you package up your products like that, with the handmade boxes and the doilies - and your clay cups and plates are so beautiful! I have yet to perfect that myself but there's so much to do and so little time :P

Anyway, thank you so much for being so supportive of Tiny Hands.

You do very wonderful work. I've been noticing that you've had more sales recently and I'm very happy for you because I think that you really deserve it! :)

Oiseau deNim said...

Thank you, Irene, Hanna, Cindy, and a new friend Samanta.
Your lovely words do make me warm!

Mei, when I see your “charming candies”, I feel it’s a sister of my minis. LOL
I adore your personal style, especially the color tones!
Sometimes we just want to know where the limit is and push ourselves to do it, even though we understand it’s in vain from the very beginning, but it’s our passion, non? ^_<
I think it’s my lucky day today but I am also a little bit shocked.
I need to speed up and arrange my own working schedule otherwise my shop is going to be empty.
I’m also very happy to know you, Mei. Stay in touch!

Anthoula said...

Bonjour Oiseau,

you must know by now that I am a big fun of your work! So this is to let you know that I have an award for you awaiting to be picked up on my blog, http://a-miniature-life.blogspot.com/



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