My fauteuil, Hydrangeas and gifts

In Juin, I attended a workshop of SIMP for understanding more wooden works.
My instructor, Michelle of Petits Bonheurs Miniature, is a very kind and patient teacher and she explains her ways making mini furniture step by step.

In the past I did not know it took so much time for sanding and repainting these wooden pieces before assembling. She recommends us some material and medium to run.

In our group, 99% people chose white as their furniture color. I brought only one tube of green acrylic paint there and when I doubted if I made the same decision as everybody, Michelle took her magic box and showed me this floral pattern cloth. It went well with my green color! I think I’m the only one who used odd color for mini furniture but the result seems great. :) A huge thank-you to Michelle!

For these Hydeangeas, they are made of cold porcelain. I don’t know if I will continue making flowers and sell some in the future cause I felt helpless when making the petals. It took really long time and difficult to control. But at least, I have experienced flower-making since it’s been an item on my wish list for a long time.

Another interesting thing is my purchases---two butterflies from Julia of GodsFlyingFlower and two mini books from Danielle of marottesud

When I received these small items, I could not believe my eyes. They are absolutely pretty, tiny and amazing. I am satisfied with my choices.

Last Sat. I went to MyFrenchCuisine’s place for BBQ. Her garden is southern France style or I might say it’s more Mediterranean taste. Her husband installed a huge pot beside the swimming pool, that maks it very Greece. Of course we have spent a very good time on the table and in the pool. I hope some day my garden will as pertty as theirs.

The latest thing which makes me very happy is I received a SWAP gift from Eve of AfterDark. Her work is unexceptionable! I was dazed when looking at these peaches she sent me. Thank you too, Eve!! Happy Blog Anniversary! :P

Hope this post is not too long.
Have a HAPPY weekend!


foodtravelandwine said...

Lovely post!!!....never too long to read it....Have a great weekend!...Marcela

Mari@ said...

Wonderful Oiseau! Great workshop and lovely miniatures. I like The Hortensias... Faboulous!

Patty said...

I love your little chair that you made!!! It really came out so wonderful! Your flower plants came out fabulous!! You really have made them so well for your first attempt. Plants are on my wish list too. Great purchases and the peaches are delicious looking!!!! I hope your weekend is great too!

Merry Jingle said...

The chair is so wonderful, I love the colour :) And your hortensias are just fabulous, I can imagine all the work you've put on them :) Your post cost me some money, had to order some books :D

Have a great weekend :)

PAKY said...

I like all that you post, is a great work,so real and very nice, congratulations!

rosanna said...

Lovely goodies, the hydrangeas are wonderful. Keep having fun and showing us ^_^ Rosanna

Catherine said...

The cold porcelain Hydrangeas are so pretty! They must have taken a very, very long time to make. I am going to have to try that material, I've never used it.

Your chair is so well made. What did you use to cut it out? The fabric you upholstered it with goes perfectly with the green.

Lucky you to have received a gift from Eve. Her work is just fantastic!!!

Oiseau deNim said...

Ira, I believe Danielle must be pleased to have you such great customer! :D I also want to spend some money on some good quality plats and bowls, do you have any good suggestion?

Patty, you are always so kind to me. ^_^ Big kisses~~~

Rosanna, you come at the fact that I a player instead of professional artisan! LOL

It did take a long time to make the petals. I made them when the weather was hot that I could not cook polymer clay. You will make flowers or something else in cold porcelain? I am impatient to see!

Since the workshop I attended was for the beginner. The fauteuil set was well prepared. I did not need to cut it myself. I just sanded, painted, re-sanded, re-painted and assembled… I might ask Michelle. :P

When I took the parcel from the post office, my husband and I stared at these peaches in the car. They are just amazing! Very happy to have such wonderful swap gift.

Dear PAKY, Mari and Marcela,
I am pleased to find your blogs and I enjoy reading your articles too. Maybe I don’t leave messages very often due to my limited English, but I always watch and read yours secretly. :D

Ascension said...

Que maravilla de post, lleno de grandes tesoros!!
Las hortensias son fantasticas.
El libro es una preciosidad
Y la comida maravillosa, enhorabuena!!
besitos ascension

Josh Healy said...

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Carol said...

I like your green chair! It looks so nice with flowers and objects from the garden. I would also like to take a workshop on making furniture. The butterfly is amazing! I "favorited" GodsFlyingFlower's on Etsy. Thank you for putting together a fun post!

Stella said...

Everything looks great, but the flowers are especially gorgeous! They might have been a pain to make, but it was totally worth it :D

Los collares de Esther said...



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