DHN Show: My Treasures Trends for Autumn 2019

I am back from DHN Show discreetly...(don't tell people... :-)
This is the first time I exhibit officially at DHN Show and my fist show in Arnhem was in 2011.
It's a new experience to me and I am new to customers too.

During the weekend of the 28th and the 29th, I did not have much for time for shopping; I walked around rapidly before the show started and before the show was over.

Look! The treasures I have found!! The little things are gorgeous; they are made of love, passion and workmanship. They are absolately the artworks in the world of miniatures. Incerdiable! The style is what I love in the real life. I could not help but keep them and brought them back to France...Now my new target is look for women's shirts, coats and jeans in 12th scale.

I used to announce in the blog before the departure but this time it was an accident.
I completed packing my luggages at 1am and waked up at 4am for the flight of 7am on 26th September. I was in a hurry...
But I was so pleased to attend the show and  meet with new friends and old friends. DHN Show is definately one of the best show of artists! I consider retuening to Autumn Show in 2020 if it's possible.

During the 4 days in Netherlands, I find Dutch people are so warm and friendly; they are willing to help people. When I got into trouble and inconvience during the trip, they always gave me a hand. Just one little thing I want to say: I do love you Arnhem, but the frnech cuisine is always better. ;)


Drora's minimundo said...

Beautiful treasures!
Hugs, Drora

Peiwen PETITGRAND said...

Thank you Drora!! :)

Isabel Ruiz said...

Son preciosas las compras.

Huibrecht said...

Hello Peiwen,

What a gorgeous miniatures you have bought. Each and everyone is a litle gem! I enjoyed your work at the fair very much. Unfortunatley I had very little time and you were talking to a customer and I did not want to interfere in that conversation. Su I have not been able to say hello, but perhaps next year! :-)


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