Mini Lighthouse

The mini lighthouse project was confirmed in May. We will show more in 2020. I have to go back to my own dollhouse project now. Expect to have something to show off by december. :)


Small Cast Iron Keys

This is a little project that I have been thinking to achieve for a while. Unfortunately I don't fine yet a proper and correct key ring for these tiny cast iron keys. Need more improvement...
Have a great weekend! :)


Miniature Cartel Clock

I am lacking in self-confidence when starting this post. How come? I am not that certain of the styles of antiques but the problem is I like them. Since it’s been 12 years that I live in France, wherever I go, I am able to see them easily. I have purchased several books to guide me but frankly speaking I am still confused with the styles due to the overlap of the ages.

When I visited several hôtels particuliers, Cartel clocks attracted my attention as much as porcelain. I don’t think I’d like them at age of 30, as they look luxury and so “chargée”. I have changed. ;)

For the top two bronze Cartel clocks, I think it could be the styles of Rococo and Louis XV. Does anyone can correct me if I said something wrong? And, what anout the third one?


The Colors of Autumn

After Salon de la miniature et du modèle réduit at Combs-La-Ville last Sunday, I don't have any planned show in my schedule by the end of 2019.
I am at ease; I do some craft projects little by little and think of my planning and personal projects toward 2020.

In the afternoon I tried painting some clay leaves with pigment powder. I found the effect was great, wasn't it? :)

Have a great weekend my friends!


Le Salon de la Miniature et du Modèle Réduit

C'est la saison des choux et la saison festive!
Depuis mars, je travaille et réalise des fleurs et des plantes en pâte à modeler séchant à l’air. En octobre, je vois autant de choux aux marchés quand je fais des courses. Cela me dit quelques choses… il me rappelle des souvenirs entre 2010-2012 dont j’avais réalisés en pâte polymère… des légumes, des fruits, des poissons et de la viande! Ils me manquent...
Je monterai à Paris samedi pour exposer au salon de la miniature et du modèle réduit à COMBS-La-Ville. Venez nombreux et me dire coucou! :)


DHN Show: My Treasures Trends for Autumn 2019

I am back from DHN Show discreetly...(don't tell people... :-)
This is the first time I exhibit officially at DHN Show and my fist show in Arnhem was in 2011.
It's a new experience to me and I am new to customers too.

During the weekend of the 28th and the 29th, I did not have much for time for shopping; I walked around rapidly before the show started and before the show was over.

Look! The treasures I have found!! The little things are gorgeous; they are made of love, passion and workmanship. They are absolately the artworks in the world of miniatures. Incerdiable! The style is what I love in the real life. I could not help but keep them and brought them back to France...Now my new target is look for women's shirts, coats and jeans in 12th scale.

I used to announce in the blog before the departure but this time it was an accident.
I completed packing my luggages at 1am and waked up at 4am for the flight of 7am on 26th September. I was in a hurry...
But I was so pleased to attend the show and  meet with new friends and old friends. DHN Show is definately one of the best show of artists! I consider retuening to Autumn Show in 2020 if it's possible.

During the 4 days in Netherlands, I find Dutch people are so warm and friendly; they are willing to help people. When I got into trouble and inconvience during the trip, they always gave me a hand. Just one little thing I want to say: I do love you Arnhem, but the frnech cuisine is always better. ;)


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