Cheese, bread and wine

I am late for this post. :_)

Since I am curious about the property and effects of polymer clay, I decided to start from some simple items like sausages, cheeses and bread. Before this, I also tried to make some fruits and fruit canes but I did not do well.

As you can see on the picture, the tomates seem filled with ham.*This is an opinion from one friend. But it's alright, I will have a try again anyway. On the left, it's one of my tatting lace works.

Wine and bread always accompany cheese on the table even after the main course. However I put just two empty goblets to display.

There are various kinds of cheese and bread in the market. Here, I don’t make specific items but tried to present the texture and property of each.

Previously, my cheese and bread were like frozen food, looked too hard to swallow. Fortunately I have a better result at the end.

I don’t know many specific skills but learn by experiment. When I was alone at home for several days, it was the best moment to create my works. That means I did not need to cook, arrange the house, eat or sleep on time since my husband was not there. I could do nothing but focus only on the miniature :-)

Again, hope you like this post.


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