Ô Délices! Pastry Cart - Part 1

Generally I am still practicing and making miniature flowers.
One idea just occurs; the working modes switch suddendly since last Friday after I chatted with a friend...

One of several things that I like much is woodworking. Send with a fine sandpaper between several coats of paint. What I lack of is make the furniture vivid...It's another issue I am thinking of.  One step at a time, there's no need to rush, it's like learning to fly or falling in love... I am patient.

Another thing is soldering for the electricity.
In between 2016 and 2017, I learned soldering with my father-in-law. Everytime he came to our place or when we went to Paris, we did some soldering workshop together. How to calculate the resistance, the way to plan for the arrangemenet of LED lights, for example in in parallel or in series, related to the input/ output that we need. I am delightful when seeing the lights work! In the project, I installed 5 micro LED lights.

I am going to decorate the pastry cart and make interial furniture.
To be continued...


A bouquet for my readers and friends in the mini land

I’ve been away from the mini world for 6 years due to the birth of my first kid, also the second one, and the fact that I have lost my father forever. I was lost; this was not easy for me but life continues! It's not bad to take a break; when I stopped handcraft projects, I read, I searched, and imagined about all the possibilities. 

I hesitated to tell that I was coming back to the miniatures world; I wait till my determation is strong enough.

Après six ans d’absence, deux bébés et le décès de mon papa, la vie continue et après avoir lu et cherché toutes les possibilités, hésité à annoncer mon retour dans le monde des miniatures, j’ai attendu d’être sûre de ma motivation.

Two weeks ago, during the winter vacation, we brought our sons visiting my parents-in-law. It's in the Parisian region, one place pleases me as always. Thanks to them, I had much more time browserling websites and I registered an instagram account. Since I am a newbie, in the meantime, please feel free to add me if I have missed yours; I will follow you in return.

Finalement durant deux semaines de vacances en region parisienne, amenant les enfants chez mes beaux parents, j’ai pu prendre le temps et me suis relancée sur instagram.

I have several ongoing projects: the first thing I start to launch is mini plant project. I found so many tallented and outstanding artists who created delicate flowers and plants when I was absent in the mini world. I was eager to own all of them (however I cannot...); I make up my mind to train myself. The second is, of course, Mini Food projet, my favorite one. The last is my dollhouse building projet « Au Rêve Gourmand ». Let me show you step by step once the switch mode is ready to turn on!

J’ai plusieurs projets, le premier les plantes et les fleurs, j’ai vu tant d’artistes talentueux (et peut être pas encore tout vu), et décidé de m’y mettre. Second projet les miniaturs alimentaires, mon favoris. Troisième projet ma grande maison de poupées « Au Rêve Gourmand » dont je vous montrerais les étapes de réalisation.

As a wife, a mother of two children, I'd like to boost myself to be a motive and creative artisan too. All what I need is endless force, energy and much more time for me to sustand the determination.

En tant que femme et maman de deux enfants, je me relance pour devenir un artisan espérons le inspiré et créatif ; tout ce dont j’ai besoin c’est d’une énergie sans cesse renouvelée et de temps pour soutenir ma détermination.

A little bouquet of peony and dusty miller just for you, my dear readers and friends in the miniatures world!
Hope everyone is doing well

Un petit bouquet de pivoines et cinéraires pour vous, mes chers lecteurs et des amis du monde des miniatures!
J'espère que tout le monde va bien

Hugs, bisous,


Snowdrops in 12th Sale

Two week's vacation is over! The kins are back to school. The house is quiet and I am happy making mini flowers alone and drinking my coffee; there is still room for improvement! 


Shop front painting

During the period that I could not work regularly on miniatures, I tried acrylic painting with a lady in town. I made a simple structure of shop front at home first and brought it to the workshop.

All what I needed was the patience for making the right colors! It was an amazing and interesting experience.


From Early Spring

It feels like a step in my spring.
Narcisses & muscaris in 12th scale


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