Gorgeous! Ladurée Religieuses come to my home

I was so delightful when opening the parcel of Alison of Bliss Miniatures. This is the BEST miniature religeuses that I have ever seen. Look at these details that Alison has made… I adore them.

When I noticed Alison’s Etsy shop last year, I have made up my mind to own some of her works. In July, when she launched her web, I saw the little religeuses waving the hands (yes) and they beckoned my spirit. This is what I could not resist. They are that realistic and darling. I must make a beautiful home for them.

The mini sofa and chair were purchased from eBay UK. They were second hand ones, so the price was not expensive. The most difficult part was removing the paper patterns. I did the job in mid-July, as you can imagine how much sweat has mixed with Tacky Glue.

I am so pleased to have Alison’s religieuses, the rose and the cupcake come to my home. I do hope someday I am capable to make some pastries as beautiful as hers!! (Thank you Alison for such wonderful creation!)


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