BOO~ Halloween is coming!

It’s been a long time (2 months?) I have left the mini world; life gave us a good lesson after the robbery happened on 31st Aug. It was not just a shock for us; the heart was broken when seeing the house in disorder! Home is so fragile without intensive care and maintenance.

It takes a month to re-purchase our equipment, like the laptops, a camera, software and some tools. Mr. Oiseau ordered MANY alarms and sensor for monitoring the house; once thieves come again when we are away, we will be informed within 2 minutes.

Here I want to give a big hug to those friends who encouraged me when I felt devastated and down. I keep in mind what you did to me. Thank you so much!

We focus on our re-establishment during these two months but it seems endless the job and housework! We also accommodated my brother from Singapore and also went to the mountains with my in-laws. It’s a beautiful autumn except the incident that has left an unfading shadow on my heart.

I browsed miniature blogs from time to time and envied some artisans’ amazing crafts; I yearn to do my own miniature food too! Oh, I have joined AIM editorial team since I believe there are many things to learn there.

I make some little things and decoration to amuse myself while Mr. Oiseau is away.

Happy Halloween everybody!
Wish you happy and sound as always. :Q)


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