Miniature Cartel Clock

I am lacking in self-confidence when starting this post. How come? I am not that certain of the styles of antiques but the problem is I like them. Since it’s been 12 years that I live in France, wherever I go, I am able to see them easily. I have purchased several books to guide me but frankly speaking I am still confused with the styles due to the overlap of the ages.

When I visited several hôtels particuliers, Cartel clocks attracted my attention as much as porcelain. I don’t think I’d like them at age of 30, as they look luxury and so “chargée”. I have changed. ;)

For the top two bronze Cartel clocks, I think it could be the styles of Rococo and Louis XV. Does anyone can correct me if I said something wrong? And, what anout the third one?


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