Miniature Flatware and Kitchen Knife Set

It's 7 seven days remaining... I did not finish what I had to do but I will bring some surprises to DHN Show, Nerthlands. :)

Share with you first the flatware and kitchen knife set from Oiseau deNim Atelier!
Have a great weekend!!


My bjd and David Austin Roses in 12th scale

The time flies... It's been one month we are back to France but it’s only two weeks remaining before DHN Show starts! I am like a busy bee, running in between the real life and my favorite miniature world.

I am preparing the flyers, table display, new material and new tools for Arnhem visitors and craft friends. It's announced that my table is G05. Very excited but stressed too!! Since I am new to the show, hope the visitors will love my works and enjoy the workshops that I am going to conduct.

I was a cray doll collector between 2000 and 2002;I have 60-70 dolls in 6th scale, they are Momoko Doll, Jenny Doll, Blyth, and Barbie. I have several Tyler and Alexandra 16" dolls too. My first bjd in 12th scale was confirmed in August. She's made by Sun Joo Lee, a very talented Korean doll artisan. I contacted her via Facebook and asked my craft friend Linda Hu to bring her back from Taipei Pinocchio Doll show on 24th August. Now she has just arrived in France. :)

I would like to study first about the make-up and the wig making. I don't dream about making dress or accessories for the little dolls someday because I know nothing of needles... though I have collected a lot of Japanese doll dress books and magazines since 2000. On the pictures, just beside her, there are several English roses in 12th scale that I made for DHN Show. This is the first try and I hope I will make more delicate flowers when I get used to the material and painting skills.


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