My dining room

I tried to build the scene of my dining room after I received this set of furniture last week.

During the time I did not make minis, I looked for some little things and collected some items from Internet.

I prefer modern dollhouse but I love Rococo style elements, like shells, leaves and flora patterms. I know it's very personal taste but do hope my tablecloth goes well with the wall paper.

I also made some sweets and savory food for Christmas; they are now available in my Etsy shop.

I am waiting for the kitchen set and expect to receive it before we go back to Asia. December is the month for family reunion. Hope everybody is happy and sound in this beautiful season! :o) A bientot!


BOO~ Halloween is coming!

It’s been a long time (2 months?) I have left the mini world; life gave us a good lesson after the robbery happened on 31st Aug. It was not just a shock for us; the heart was broken when seeing the house in disorder! Home is so fragile without intensive care and maintenance.

It takes a month to re-purchase our equipment, like the laptops, a camera, software and some tools. Mr. Oiseau ordered MANY alarms and sensor for monitoring the house; once thieves come again when we are away, we will be informed within 2 minutes.

Here I want to give a big hug to those friends who encouraged me when I felt devastated and down. I keep in mind what you did to me. Thank you so much!

We focus on our re-establishment during these two months but it seems endless the job and housework! We also accommodated my brother from Singapore and also went to the mountains with my in-laws. It’s a beautiful autumn except the incident that has left an unfading shadow on my heart.

I browsed miniature blogs from time to time and envied some artisans’ amazing crafts; I yearn to do my own miniature food too! Oh, I have joined AIM editorial team since I believe there are many things to learn there.

I make some little things and decoration to amuse myself while Mr. Oiseau is away.

Happy Halloween everybody!
Wish you happy and sound as always. :Q)


Gifts from Carol- New logo & cake box templates

I am pleased and am so lucky to know Carol since March or April. I like her and enjoy reading her posts because it’s interesting to know and learn different tricks of Photoshop from her. She is adorable and so kind to share with people.

In July, we discussed about swap gifts.She knows I love to make packages and what I received from her is awesome cake box templates and new versions of logo.

I have thought of new logo for a long time for my blog, some printable material for my miniatures and maybe my “future website”. I am so lucky to have Carol design for me. She applies my favorite elements, bird and lace to alphabet "O" of Oiseau. We discussed dozens of times and my logo comes out perfectly!

She also designs sevral different versions for me; I am thinking to apply these logos to the packages and labels in the coming projects!

I remember some friends noticed the pretty cake boxes going with “Charlotte de macarons aux fruits de la passion” when I post in July. Yeah, it’s also Carol who makes my request come true.

Carol is a very talented graphic designer and is so generous to people. I do appreciate her valuable help!

Do visit her blog True2scale---you will find many treasures and useful information there!


Gifts for Ira- Italian salami & Parma Ham

A very quick update since July!
We had some guests from Taiwan and Singapore two weeks ago and last week I decided to travel in a tearing hurry to Bordeaux, which is a port city on the Garonne River in southwest France cause my husband left again for US for 10 days.

So these three days I was busy some cute gift for Ira @
Merry Jingle Craft. Ira told me she was fond of Itlian food and I'd love to make some salamis and dry ham for her Toscana House.

It was so fun to make the meat. After I finished the Parma Ham and left them on the messy table, my husband and me look to each other and grinned. They come out so cute and this makes me more confident to make different food in the future.

Dearest Ira, hope you will also laugh when you see them in person!

It's time to cook again! I'd love to have more vegetable now cause I have ever had too much mini meat these days. ^_<>


Three-year-anniversary of marriage: my darling macaroon charlotte

Just a short post that tomorrow will be the 1st day of our 4th year of marriage.

I re-made some “Charlottes de macarons aux fruits de la Passion” yesterday for fun.

This passion fruit macaroon charlotte is also a souvenir. It has been the 1st item on my Etsy shop in Feb. I am happy to re-make some loose cream on top. It’s not perfect but looks tasty!

The wedding picture is taken in 2007. We looked pretty on the picture cause it’s “wedding photo” LOL. I appreciate my husband finishes the meals I prepare for him everyday and he does not divorce me even I don’t make up at all.

I am going to cook now. Hope you like my charlottes! :D~
Have a great evening everybody!


My fauteuil, Hydrangeas and gifts

In Juin, I attended a workshop of SIMP for understanding more wooden works.
My instructor, Michelle of Petits Bonheurs Miniature, is a very kind and patient teacher and she explains her ways making mini furniture step by step.

In the past I did not know it took so much time for sanding and repainting these wooden pieces before assembling. She recommends us some material and medium to run.

In our group, 99% people chose white as their furniture color. I brought only one tube of green acrylic paint there and when I doubted if I made the same decision as everybody, Michelle took her magic box and showed me this floral pattern cloth. It went well with my green color! I think I’m the only one who used odd color for mini furniture but the result seems great. :) A huge thank-you to Michelle!

For these Hydeangeas, they are made of cold porcelain. I don’t know if I will continue making flowers and sell some in the future cause I felt helpless when making the petals. It took really long time and difficult to control. But at least, I have experienced flower-making since it’s been an item on my wish list for a long time.

Another interesting thing is my purchases---two butterflies from Julia of GodsFlyingFlower and two mini books from Danielle of marottesud

When I received these small items, I could not believe my eyes. They are absolutely pretty, tiny and amazing. I am satisfied with my choices.

Last Sat. I went to MyFrenchCuisine’s place for BBQ. Her garden is southern France style or I might say it’s more Mediterranean taste. Her husband installed a huge pot beside the swimming pool, that maks it very Greece. Of course we have spent a very good time on the table and in the pool. I hope some day my garden will as pertty as theirs.

The latest thing which makes me very happy is I received a SWAP gift from Eve of AfterDark. Her work is unexceptionable! I was dazed when looking at these peaches she sent me. Thank you too, Eve!! Happy Blog Anniversary! :P

Hope this post is not too long.
Have a HAPPY weekend!


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