Veggie Mold Starts

I have been absent for almost a month! I was not willing to work in the garage and in the kitchen but I had to since the in-laws have come to the South and help some work for the house in May.

It was difficult thinking of the SIMP but making almost nothing for a moment last month.
What we have gained was a beautiful range hood and a well painted garage!

After the in-laws go back to Paris, the hubby and I work hard for our own and we are happy taking back the freedom!! LOL

During the past weeks, I tried to make some pastries, like Paris Brest, La Galette des Rois and l’Opera since I have been thinking of them for a long time(I knew I had to try!).

There were some custom orders and finally the veggie mold has started since this week! Hope I will have enough items for SIMP.

I have to say thank-you to those who have written to me via emails or on the Fanpage of my Facebook. Thanks so much for your warm comments. I am pleased to know your thoughts toward my book. This encourages me. Please wait for me a moment and I will try to reply you one by one after the SIMP.

I appreciate all the friends and unknown friends from blogland who have purchased the books directly from me since 7th May. They are all sold. Though I don’t have any copies in stock now, I will try my best to reserve some for SIMP. Once anyone of you who will attend the SIMP and need a copy, please feel free to email me before 13th Jun

For International orders, I recommend Amazon.ca for the Canadian and the American customers; maybe Amazon FR, Amazon UK and Amazon DE for European customers.

Once it's not available or not easy to get a copy in your places (like in Asia and Australia for example), I will do my best to provide the service. The little giveaway event is late but will be announced next week. Thank you! :)


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