Cupcakes for your sweetheart & gentleman! [My Etsy online shop]

Still 4 days, St Valentine is coming. I am not good at words.
I seldom say some sweet words to my ex-bfs even my husband.
For me, happiness is just from the pure hearts that we have ever exchanged and many tiny things we have ever experienced together.
But I admit that sometimes the honeyed phrases are quite necessary and useful even at that moment we felt like vomiting but we laughed at the same time in the end.

I am touched and fascinated when reading some brief paragraphs or simple sentences. Here is one for St. Valentine's Day:

"Mon Coeur a rencontré le tien…Il est à toi… garde le bien!"

"My heart have encountered yours…It’s yours… take good care of it!"
--> I promise I will repeat this in Chinese in front of my husband on 14th Feb, no laughing.

Another thing is I consider what to do first for my own business on Etsy.
I believe it would be great for me since it’s part of my passion.
This will be also the first time that I start managing my own online shop.
So many details need to handle.
I just realize how much efforts the sellers need to prepare…
not only the creation parts but administrative procedure & responsibility need to take.

Okay, so eventually my Etsy shop is here:
My Flickr album is
Hope I will start smoothly…. *Praying!

Cupcake chocolate (7mm*7mm*10mm)
Cupcake stand box (11mm*13mm*8mm)

Cupcake rose (7mm*7mm*10mm)
Cupcake box (11mm*11mm*11mm)


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