Thank you to my mini gifts!

The postman brought me a little surprise yesterday morning.
It’s a little tray that Lara (Lara´s miniature world), the winner of my giveaway, who made for me. On the tray, a delicate rose with a tag “Merci” were saying hello to me. I was touched!

Lara also wrote me a note about making chairs with caning. This makes me excited and I am going to look for more mini caning tissue! :P

Thank you Lara! You are so thoughtful and kind to me. I will cherish and well settle them in my scene of miniatures! :D



Happy Easter

It’s a busy weekend! We have been working in the garden because it was full of weeds. Phew! Very soon, my parents and my in-laws will come and check the status. 
I wish all the friends a very Happy Easter with some little chocolate, even it is already 7pm in France! :-)

The hot air balloon chocolate is the hubby’s work! LOL


A direct delivery from Tom Bishop Show

A quick but very happy post!

It was so exciting to see a huge carton in the mail box this evening after we came back from the supermarket; especially it arrives just one day before my birthday. It’s definitely the best BD gift this year.

I understand the reasons Carol chose these items for me. I am so touched and appreciate her consideration! Thank you Carol!!!

I will read carefully the brochure tomorrow. I know there are many wonderful links of artisans' websites to share with! Good night! :D


The latest arrival, and some update

I have been taking some rest since these two weeks. The first week, I felt excited because our sofa bed has arrived; the next day Carol sent me messages and photos directly from Tom Bishop Show. I felt as if I were on the site shopping with everybody. LOL
The second week, I received Susi and Susanna’s parcels. Their works are stunning, aren’t they?! I was so pleased with my purchase and swap gifts. They both are excellent and creative artisans that I admire. I am certain you must find treasures once you drop by MiniEden and Elämää koossa 1:12.

I was playing some petal colors last week. It was not that interesting to do molding compared to flowers and fishes sculpting. But when I saw the colors came out nicely, I was satisfied. :o) 

During the weekend, we took a walk along the seashore and had seafood and fish in a little village. The dinner was tasty; the presentation was inspirational too!

Another interesting experience is I went for a flea market with MyFrenchCusine yesterday morning;  With her guide and introduction, I knew better antique stuffs and the ways they worked.   
In the end, I brought two little treasures back home: a waffle maker and a coffee grinder! They are not that expensive but are nice decoration for the house!


Look! Some gorgeous pieces and AIM April Imag!

Yesterday evening I opened the mail box and found a surprise that made me smile. :-)
It was a little parcel from Singapore.

I have known Cindy (Snowfern Clover) since 2009, the beginning that I joined the blogland. For me, the miniature world was totally new and I was that lucky to know her since she recommended me a lot of useful info and guided me in the tiny world. I know it’s not true but I felt somehow as if she were my classmate in the school; we played and studied ‘technique’ of mini food together. It’s a special friendship for me in the world of miniatures.

What I got from her is a bowl of salads, a sandwich, some cigarette cases and several empty plastic boxes she made for me. I was speechless when looking at her works. The colors and shape are perfectly made. Cindy! You arouse my will to work on vegetable and fruits.

I have some dolls in 1:4 scale but they are still in my parents’ home so I asked my Momoko doll to work as a temporary. :P (Her little bunny in black is as adorable as her, right?! ) Thank you Cindy, I definitely treasure these amazing pieces of yours.

Welcome to visit Cindy’s blog; you will find lots of useful tips and treasure there!

Another very important thing is AIM April Imag is out now. You will see many beautiful brides and many useful projects in this issue! Download the file directly! Have a great weekend! Oiseau :o)


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