Three-year-anniversary of marriage: my darling macaroon charlotte

Just a short post that tomorrow will be the 1st day of our 4th year of marriage.

I re-made some “Charlottes de macarons aux fruits de la Passion” yesterday for fun.

This passion fruit macaroon charlotte is also a souvenir. It has been the 1st item on my Etsy shop in Feb. I am happy to re-make some loose cream on top. It’s not perfect but looks tasty!

The wedding picture is taken in 2007. We looked pretty on the picture cause it’s “wedding photo” LOL. I appreciate my husband finishes the meals I prepare for him everyday and he does not divorce me even I don’t make up at all.

I am going to cook now. Hope you like my charlottes! :D~
Have a great evening everybody!


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