Garden Hyacinth: flower of spring

When I returned in Taipei, I visited K.T.(minihouse) and asked for a lovely ‘training’--- making a pot of g graceful Hyacinth!

In fact I have admired K.T.’s work for years. After we decided to go back to Taiwan, I called her and asked if I could join her workshops.

I was very lucky and have spent several days with her. She has acquired mastery of sculpture; she is also like simpatico and frank sis! I do like her!

Each petal of Hyacinth, as you can see, is cut with a pair of scissors; K.T. told me it was always better to start with larger scales than the smaller ones. I spent several hours in the course and just finished this pot. But it’s worthy to wait!! :D

So, this week, I started making some Hyacinths at home. All of them are made in air-dried clay (ADC) and in 12th scale. It has been a long time I don’t play with ADC but still love its translucent effect. The diameter of the smallest pot is 8mm and 7mm high. They are darling, non?! :0)

Inspired by Carol, I also made some baskets this week. They are very simple ones but will try someting different with MyFrenchCuisine next week!


Bon dimanche!


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