Go Fishing?

My little chef told me that she was going to the market but in fact she went fishing and brought some funny fish back. Why funny fish? Phew~

I re-started making some fish three weeks ago when the hubby was away during two weeks. I found I almost forgot the way to control the clay and the shapes of fish. When I completed the first 4 fish, I sent the photo to Carol, Alison and KT.

Carol and Alison were very kind to me, they both gave me a lot of compliments and said my fish was cute. On the contrary, KT, my instructor, mock me and said it was that difficult to make the 4 fish which have 4 different looks, as if they were chatting in the ocean. Oh, fortunately I knew her and my heart was strong enough, otherwise I must be sad to die. LOL

Sometimes I worked and sometimes I stopped. What you have seen on the pictures is made during these three weeks. I will show you those I made in Taipei next time.
Now I might say fish-making is also a road of no return. Or I should say, making creatures is a lot of fun but it’s not easy at all. I would love continue practicing since I like to see the emotion they release in their eyes.  :o)


Little Daisy in the Garden

This is the first post in the first day of the spring! We have sunny day and mild weather here since the weekend.  It’s quite cozy and comfortable. I love the SPRIGN!!!

I made some little pots of daisies and philodendron and some crates in my  tiny garden. Little daisies, little bunnies and little birds are the elements of my spring!

Inspired by a Taiwan friend, Linda, I tried and made a stool with woven seat. The stool was made of basswood and cotton thread. It’s not practical to use basswood since it’s that soft and it consumes a lot of time to weave the seat. I have talked to a friend cause my wood knowledge is limited. If some of you also have any good idea, welcome and please kindly share with me.

The little chef has cleaned her hands and dress and has left the garden. She is on the way to the market now. Let’s see what she will prepare for the next!

Shout for joy of the spring!! 


An exciting moment! The WINNERS are...

Hello everyone, it is an exciting moment after one month's waiting! I am going to announce the result.
Except the first prize, I decide to offer another three giveaways as the second prize since I am so pleased with all your participation. Thank you very much!
Congratulations Eloisa! (casa de bonecas da), you won the 1st prize. What you can have is 3 silicone molds or the items which value at 60$ in my shop.

The winners of the second prize are
Laura  @
lara´s miniature world
Karin  @
mini ramblings and musings  What you can have is a silicone mold or the item which values at 20$ in my shop.

For the 4 winners, please email me your address info and tell me what you would like to have. I will arrange and dispatch your parcels next week. Of course, you can ask for a coupon with the equal value that is valid for 3 months if you don’t want to get the prize immediately.

I am sorry the rest participants that you could not all win but  I would love to offer you a coupon code with 10% off for the purchase in my shop from now on till 3/26, 2011.
Offer Code:
(you can copy and paste the code when you submit the order)Once you have any questions, welcome to contact me at
I am going to cook now. Happy weekend!!!  Oiseau :-)


Giveaway Update: Participant List

A quick update of the participant list!

I am thrilled that so many of you are interested in my giveaway and participate the small event.
Please check the name list and please shout if you don't find your name on it! :o)

The final list will be confirmed on March 18th, 23H59 French time and the winners will appear on my blog, on March 19th, 14H00.

Have a nice day, 

PS. The participant NO.20, please email me your name or nickname before the deadline. oiseaudenim@gmail.com Thank you. ;D


Flower of April- Peonies

I have chatted with a friend about a dreamy wedding scene recently. I started to make some peony bouquets since I believe peony is popular and welcome for most of brides.  

After seeing these flowers in full bloom on my craft table, I suddenly became conscious that I needed to force my chef to be back to the tiny kitchen. She has been spending too much time in the garden.

Have a cozy weekend and hope you love my tiny flowers, friends! Don't forget our giveaway either! :o)


Mini Tin Cans and French Market Bag

I have been thinking to make some metal things for a long time. These mini tin cans are not exact metalwork but I am glad for the first step and expect to do some soldering in the coming weeks.

Inspired by Marie (Le Petit Monde de Merveilleux de Marie), I tried weaving a French string bag this week.

It’s not finished yet because I don’t figure out the way of closing. LOL  I have ever made some tatting lace in 2009 but it is as painful as the bag weaving for me.  It kills not only time but also my life.  :o)

It’s a cheerful Friday today cause our two furniture have just arrived this morning. I will decorate one of them with my dolls and miniatures after the hubby comes back from the business trip next week.
Hope you like this post and have a great weekend, :-)


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