Easter Chocolate Collection *they are so cute!

Easter is coming.
I have seen many professionals, like Paris Miniatures, LINSMINIARTFORM, Tiny Deights and Doll House Kitchen, they have made so many inspirational Easter Eggs. I would like to try mine even I am so slow...

For me, the symbols of Easter are spring, flowers, grassland, and animals like birds, rabbits and chicken. But the most practical thing is we have a lot of chocolate to eat! XD

The rabbit chocolate I made is inspired from “LeNôtre” Easter 2010 collection; the unique chicken is from 2009 collection “Gallinette au jardin”. They are not made perfectly but when looking at these mini creatures, I do smile. :D

I also made some black Easter chocolate eggs and Mousse au Chocolat.

On TV, I have seen a lot of advertisement of the movie “Alice's Wonderland”. I definitely go to the cinema in the spring holidays!

Voila~Bonne fête!!


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