« Bon Miam Miam »

When we find something tasty, we usually say “c’est bon”, “c’est très bon" but when we talk to children or familiar friends, we migjt say “Miam” or “Miam miam”.

I was thinking to create my own biscuit brand name, I found it quite fun and naughty to make the combination “Bon Miam Miam“ which express "tasty and delicious" in a cheerful way!

So, this is a custom-made for a very nice customer.
He likes very much Bon Miam Miam biscuits and wants some to decorate the room box.
Hope he enjoys the little chocolate brownie and raspberry tart biscuits! :)


Meats, Ballotin Boxes and Workshops in Paris

 I continue doing some experiments of color mix for meats lately. I also madesome chocolate boxes.

If you have been reading my blog since 2010, you must notice the Italian meats are very similar to those I had made before our house was burgaled. Unfortunately this happened again when we had vacation in Massif Central. We sense we have to secure more of our home. Some construction starts today and will finish in Jun.

Some news of the SIMP workshops
I will give 2 little projects on 23rd Jun:
 (1) Breads & grapes (morning)

(2) Charlotte aux fruits de la-passion (afternoon)

I hope these two projects are interesting!  In the courses, I will explain the techniques in English and French. That will be a great challenge to me too!! LOL

More info:


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