Champagne, Roses, St. Valentine's Day

I wish I could be a romantic girl! :o)

I was fond of making pastry boxes and finally some ideas occurred to me on Sat. I made some paper bags to go with the champagne. They are great for the occasion, aren't they?

Flower and plants making is my current projects. I would love to play and enjoy the happiness when learning creafts.
The orchids are one of my favorite works.
Dimension of vase: 20x8x25mm

I re-make some flower baskets too. Dimension of basket: 30x20x35mm

Some roses in a bunny planter!

Except good wine, flowers, who says women don't need some luxuries to show off?! These (the real ones) would be very nice presents for St. Valentine's Day!

People say French is romantic but this saying is not suitable in my house. Will go out later and buy some chocolate for my big bear. Happy St. Valentine's Day, friends!
Oiseau :o)


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