Mini Tin Cans and French Market Bag

I have been thinking to make some metal things for a long time. These mini tin cans are not exact metalwork but I am glad for the first step and expect to do some soldering in the coming weeks.

Inspired by Marie (Le Petit Monde de Merveilleux de Marie), I tried weaving a French string bag this week.

It’s not finished yet because I don’t figure out the way of closing. LOL  I have ever made some tatting lace in 2009 but it is as painful as the bag weaving for me.  It kills not only time but also my life.  :o)

It’s a cheerful Friday today cause our two furniture have just arrived this morning. I will decorate one of them with my dolls and miniatures after the hubby comes back from the business trip next week.
Hope you like this post and have a great weekend, :-)


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