Au Rêve Gourmand: Tea salon in the second floor

Bonjour! I start to re-work on the OLD project since Feb. It does take time because everything is new to me. I read, trying to know more occident interior/ exterior ornaments and design; I’d like to continue my tea salon project. In the meanwhile, I don’t work on polymer clay.

There are three rooms in the project; I start working first on the second floor room. For the interior walls, I have tried several layouts and color tones during the first two months; eventually the classical theme is choosen but I would like drive it to a modern interior design (I expect).

I hope I will have more time for the project during the summer time even there are two boys surrounding me. The elder one is 3.5 years old and the little one is going to be 14 months. I am glad I am back to the work I am longing for and I am happy to be the mama whom has two kids keep company with.

A bientot! :)


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