Mini Flower Pot/ Jelly Pot

I was dreaming one day I was able to practice and do the turning myself. Yesterday afternoon, I opened my birthday present which has arrived in April: a simple lathe!

I fixed a clear solid acrylic rod on it, and tried with different tools for wood carving. It was a great fun to see the shape turned and changed. I was asking myself what the best way was to polish the acrylic rod…
The little flowers are made air dry clay and are fixed in the pot with UV resin.

The flower pot: 5mm diameter, 7mm H
Hope there are more vases and bottles to come!:)



My official site is launched

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Dear Blospot friends and readers,

I am happily telling you that my website is officially launched.
It's a WordPress based site, which combines my new blog and shop platform.
I have started working in it since the 22nd of April. It’s a newborn of mine.
I sincerely invite you to visit it at www.oiseaudenim.com

Your valuable suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated!! πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ€—
Hope you like it too!

Have a wonderful Sunday! 😘


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