House Move

Last Thursday was my birthday; on that day, I had my husband come home just before midnight and I also signed the final contract and got the keys of our new house. It was a great day for me.

The secret friend from UK sent me one pack of BD presents before the volcanic ash and what I got is: a cute birthday girl card, a cupcake (a tape measure <-- now I bring it with me to measure the sizes of furniture everyday), a lovely bookmark and the photos of my cat. She knows I don't have a printer at home yet and now I can bring my cat's photos with me. I am touched with everything she prepared for me!

This week we are on the way to move and tonight is the last evening to stay in the castle; it's almost time to say goodbye to the little apartment where stores a lot of beautiful memories. I believe our life is going to change and I expect to be back to the mini world soon.

À bientôt!


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