Awesome! A Lovely Gift from Catherine

I sent a message to Catherine ( Kilmouski & Me) at the first moment when I received the parcel. The first thing caught my eyes was Catherine’s handwriting on envelop. So neat, so beautiful!

After I opened the gift box, I did want to sing praise of her masterly craftsmanship. As you can see the watering can is precisely made. I cannot help but look at it every 5 minutes. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Catherine! ;-) The little watering can is definitely in the spotlight and will be cherished forever!

The little gifts for Flora, Sylvie, and Luisa & Malú have left for their destinations this morning! Hope the three ladies will be happy when they receive the parcels!
I started the houseclean yesterday because the in-laws will arrive in our home tomorrow. I will take several days off and WORK for the house. *Hope it would be as fun as dollhouse-making. *_*


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