My Dollhouse Project

Every Christmas, we light up the table with several of my collections: musical and animated carousels. Since last year it's become the job of my little ones. On the table, it's my dollhouse project: a French backery store, a tea salon and a tea shop. As you can see, the ceiling and shop shelves are not glued. The project is uncompleted yet but on going step by step with my bare time. I have been working on these room boxes little by little since the year that sencond kid was born. It is just like a lighthouse, guiding me during the years as I could not work on miniatures as I wanted. I show it to you today, just by the end of 2019. Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness and prosperity for you. Happy New Year's Eve and 2020!


Garden lamps, a lantern and terrace terminals are on!

Un jour avant le réveillon!
Une paire de lampadaires, une lanterne, une paire de bornes sont allumées.

Que la joie soit complète en cette heureuse Saison des Fêtes


Antique Books

I cannot help but try making some old style books without doing housekeeping at home. I hope there are more to come after the Christmas holidays. :)


Antique Framed Paintings

This is a little peoject that I have been thinking to achieve, especially the technique of patina, which gives the resine frames the aged effects, stone, metal or wood like appearance.
The paintings are prints with fine touch and finishing.


Mini Christmas Tree is Up

The holiday season is approaching...have you probably been hanging your Christmas lights? I am investigating which broken bulb caused the entire string to turn off...


Mini Lighthouse

The mini lighthouse project was confirmed in May. We will show more in 2020. I have to go back to my own dollhouse project now. Expect to have something to show off by december. :)


Small Cast Iron Keys

This is a little project that I have been thinking to achieve for a while. Unfortunately I don't fine yet a proper and correct key ring for these tiny cast iron keys. Need more improvement...
Have a great weekend! :)


Miniature Cartel Clock

I am lacking in self-confidence when starting this post. How come? I am not that certain of the styles of antiques but the problem is I like them. Since it’s been 12 years that I live in France, wherever I go, I am able to see them easily. I have purchased several books to guide me but frankly speaking I am still confused with the styles due to the overlap of the ages.

When I visited several hôtels particuliers, Cartel clocks attracted my attention as much as porcelain. I don’t think I’d like them at age of 30, as they look luxury and so “chargée”. I have changed. ;)

For the top two bronze Cartel clocks, I think it could be the styles of Rococo and Louis XV. Does anyone can correct me if I said something wrong? And, what anout the third one?


The Colors of Autumn

After Salon de la miniature et du modèle réduit at Combs-La-Ville last Sunday, I don't have any planned show in my schedule by the end of 2019.
I am at ease; I do some craft projects little by little and think of my planning and personal projects toward 2020.

In the afternoon I tried painting some clay leaves with pigment powder. I found the effect was great, wasn't it? :)

Have a great weekend my friends!


Le Salon de la Miniature et du Modèle Réduit

C'est la saison des choux et la saison festive!
Depuis mars, je travaille et réalise des fleurs et des plantes en pâte à modeler séchant à l’air. En octobre, je vois autant de choux aux marchés quand je fais des courses. Cela me dit quelques choses… il me rappelle des souvenirs entre 2010-2012 dont j’avais réalisés en pâte polymère… des légumes, des fruits, des poissons et de la viande! Ils me manquent...
Je monterai à Paris samedi pour exposer au salon de la miniature et du modèle réduit à COMBS-La-Ville. Venez nombreux et me dire coucou! :)


DHN Show: My Treasures Trends for Autumn 2019

I am back from DHN Show discreetly...(don't tell people... :-)
This is the first time I exhibit officially at DHN Show and my fist show in Arnhem was in 2011.
It's a new experience to me and I am new to customers too.

During the weekend of the 28th and the 29th, I did not have much for time for shopping; I walked around rapidly before the show started and before the show was over.

Look! The treasures I have found!! The little things are gorgeous; they are made of love, passion and workmanship. They are absolately the artworks in the world of miniatures. Incerdiable! The style is what I love in the real life. I could not help but keep them and brought them back to France...Now my new target is look for women's shirts, coats and jeans in 12th scale.

I used to announce in the blog before the departure but this time it was an accident.
I completed packing my luggages at 1am and waked up at 4am for the flight of 7am on 26th September. I was in a hurry...
But I was so pleased to attend the show and  meet with new friends and old friends. DHN Show is definately one of the best show of artists! I consider retuening to Autumn Show in 2020 if it's possible.

During the 4 days in Netherlands, I find Dutch people are so warm and friendly; they are willing to help people. When I got into trouble and inconvience during the trip, they always gave me a hand. Just one little thing I want to say: I do love you Arnhem, but the frnech cuisine is always better. ;)


Miniature Flatware and Kitchen Knife Set

It's 7 seven days remaining... I did not finish what I had to do but I will bring some surprises to DHN Show, Nerthlands. :)

Share with you first the flatware and kitchen knife set from Oiseau deNim Atelier!
Have a great weekend!!


My bjd and David Austin Roses in 12th scale

The time flies... It's been one month we are back to France but it’s only two weeks remaining before DHN Show starts! I am like a busy bee, running in between the real life and my favorite miniature world.

I am preparing the flyers, table display, new material and new tools for Arnhem visitors and craft friends. It's announced that my table is G05. Very excited but stressed too!! Since I am new to the show, hope the visitors will love my works and enjoy the workshops that I am going to conduct.

I was a cray doll collector between 2000 and 2002;I have 60-70 dolls in 6th scale, they are Momoko Doll, Jenny Doll, Blyth, and Barbie. I have several Tyler and Alexandra 16" dolls too. My first bjd in 12th scale was confirmed in August. She's made by Sun Joo Lee, a very talented Korean doll artisan. I contacted her via Facebook and asked my craft friend Linda Hu to bring her back from Taipei Pinocchio Doll show on 24th August. Now she has just arrived in France. :)

I would like to study first about the make-up and the wig making. I don't dream about making dress or accessories for the little dolls someday because I know nothing of needles... though I have collected a lot of Japanese doll dress books and magazines since 2000. On the pictures, just beside her, there are several English roses in 12th scale that I made for DHN Show. This is the first try and I hope I will make more delicate flowers when I get used to the material and painting skills.


Workshops in DHN Show in September 2019

We are back to France! I hope many of you have passed a great vacation. :) I rest but I start to plan for my first show in Arnhem.

After the discussion with the direction of DHN Show, I will conduct three workshops on 28th and 29 September. The schedule is as below:


28th september 11.00-13.00
29th september 10.00-12.00

28th september 15.00-17.00
29th september 14.00-16.00

Lily of the Valley
29th september 10.00-12.00

The 2-hour-workshop permits our students to view the basic techniques of flower making; they are able to operate independently and make more mini clay flowers at home after the workshop.

The clay flower workshop is given in English or French;  our members are going to learn about

1) coloring the cold porcelain

2) making the stems and buds

3) shaping/ dusting the petals and leaves

4) assembly

Depending on the capacity of students, everyone will complete assembly at least a branch of flower during the crafted section.

Price: 50 euros per section, specific flower petal cutter and material (clay, paints/ planter; and a glass for Lily of the Valley class section ) are inculded.

Maximum 4 places in the wokshop.

After receiving the confirmation, I will send the tool list to our students.

For these who are interested in the workshop,please contact me via

Come and learn some simple but important technique of clay flowers with me! :)


Workshop: peony bouquets are made

I have returned to my hometown Taipei with my kids since the beginning of July.

It's been 13 years I don't pass the summer time here. I enjoy the weather, the food and I am so pleased to see that my kids are exploring the life style and cultures between Western and Eastern sides. They will learn more about my land, my culture and my language.

In the meantime, I am happy to meet my friends and craft students in Taipei. The first workshop is held in Eslite Bookstore in New Taipei City on 13th July. We have passed a great moment making peony bouquets together.

In the workshop, I see their talent, patience, enthusiasm, taste and insistence toward clay and miniature art. Voila! How beautiful peony bouquets are made!

I am in the vacations and I enjoy my work! :)


SIMP 2019 un très grand merci à vous

Depuis 7 ans je n'ai exposé pas au salon. J'ai décidé de relancer en mi mars cette année. J'étais pas certaine si cela allait marcher mais bon...du 10 heure au 15 heure, Je n'ai même pas le temps de m'asseoir, de manger et de ranger mon stand. Si vous voyiez que mon stand était désordre, c'était pour ça.

I have not exhibited at shows since 7 years. I decided to relaunch in mid March this year. I was not sure if it was going to work but well ... from 10:00 to 15:00, I did not even have time to sit down, eat and arrange my stand. If you saw that my booth was a mess, that was the reason.

Ça me fait plaisir de rencontrer des nouvelles personnes. Je vous remercie sincèrement d'avoir passé me voir et me dire coucou. Je suis aussi contente de revoir mes amies Una Leung de Hong Kong, Jean Kao Jean's Tiny World de Taiwan et Marion Kröller d'Allemagne. J'ai rencontré Miyoko Isshiki san Noe Café de Japon pour la première fois. Le plus important est que j'ai retrouvé deux de mes meilleures amies sur BlogSpot: Marie-Laure de Recréation Miniature et Catherine de Ninette & Co. Je suis tellement touchée. Il faut que Marie-Laure nous présente plus de ses oeuvres! (Je t'attends!Câlin!)

It makes me so pleased to meet new people. I thank you sincerely for having come to see me and said hello. I am also happy to see my friends Una Leung from Hong Kong, Jean Kao Jean's Tiny World from Taiwan and Marion Kröller from Germany. I meet Miyoko Isshiki san Noe Café from Japan for the first time. The most important thing is that I found two of my best friends on BlogSpot: Marie-Laure Miniature Recreation and Catherine Ninette & Co. I am so touched. Marie-Laure must present us with more of her works! (I'm waiting for you! Hug!)
Enfin, je voudrais vous présenter le travail d'une professionnelle exposante, Dominique Roche. Cela fait des années que je regarde sur une série de ses sacs en cuir. C'est mon coup de cœur ce petit sac vert. Je l'ai emporté chez moi dimanche soir.

Finally, I would like to present the work of a professional exhibitor, Dominique Roche. I have been looking at a series of her leather bags for years. This is my favorite this little green bag. I took it home on Sunday evening.
Je voudrais être au repos, passer plus de temps avec mes garçons et ranger ma maison. En attendent les vacances d'été, je mets à jour ma boutique......   A plus! :)

I would like to rest, spend more time with my boys and arrange my house. In the meantime, I update my shop ...... A plus! :)


Head to Paris: SIMP, le Salon International de la Maison de Poupée

J'ai tout emballé ce que j’ai fait dans les bagages pour Paris. Sur ma table de travail, je vois encore pas mal de macarons qui me regardent. Ce n’est pas grave. C'est comme une course, on court toujours après le temps. Je suis contente de retourner au salon de SIMP et de recommencer à réaliser des pièces en miniatures. Par rapport au dernier salon à Paris, je trouve que mes goûts, mon style et mes préférences ont changés. Voyons voir si ce que j'aime plaira les clients et les amis dans ce petit monde ....
Croise les doigts!

I have packed everything ready in my luggage for the SIMP show. On my working table, I see many unbaked macaroons smiling at me. It's fine. It's like a race, we always chase after time. I am pleased to return to SIMP show and restart making miniatures. Compared to my last show in Paris, I find my taste, my style and my preference have changed. I hope what I love will please the customers and the friends of the mini land....
Cross my fingers!


Portrait, cadre, miroir et filigrane

Je ne sais pas c'est depuis quand, je suis attirée par les décorations européenne et les anciens ornements. Quand je marche dans la rue, quand je visite les grandes villes ou les petits villages, je regarde toujours les immeubles anciens, les fenêtres, les balcons et essaie d'identifier leurs styles etc. Et bien sur, je prend les photos tout de suit si je trouve que les scènes, les objets et les architectures me plaisaient. Entre 2015 et 2018, j'ai commencé à construire ma propre maison de poupée. J'ai lu, j'ai visité les musées à Paris, et je me suis vraiment touchée par les grand créateurs, les artistes et les architectes.  En même temps, j'ai collectionné aussi les petits objets pour faire du moulage et construit la maison de poupée à moi. 

La raison unique que je fais les cadres anciens est j'adore les ornements antiques. J'en cherche partout pour que je puisse compléter les pièces dans ma maison de poupée. C'est ancien donc il faut que j' apprenne la patine. Cela est un autre sujet dont je voudrais parler après. J'ai essayé pas mal de peintures. Je trouve qu'il n'est pas si simple que ça.


5 jours avant le SIMP je vous présent quelques pièces que j'ai faites et aussi les "Filigree Stamping Ornement " dont j'ai collectionné depuis 3 ans. Vous les trouverez dans mon stand N° 38 dimanche, le 9 juin.
A bientôt


Workshops in Taipei 2019台北暑期手作課程安排

I am not only on the way preparing for SIMP Dollhouse Show but also several handcrafted classes in Taipei in July. Welcome to contact me if this might interests you; I might be lucky to see you in the classes.  :)
All the classes are given in Mandarin Chinese and English. French is of course available.

牡丹花束 Bouquet de Pivoines 

2019.7.13 11H15-17H00
Eslite Spectrum Xinban Store

馬卡龍水晶禮盒 Macaron Boîte Cristal

2019.7.16 11H00-14H30 
Oiseau deNim Atelier 私人教室 永安市場捷運站

邦尼兔蛋糕 Gâteau de Pâques

2019.7.18 10H30-14H30 
瓜媽手作園地 台北捷運 忠孝新生站 Taipei MRT Zhongxiao-Xinsheng Station

法式劈柴蛋糕 Bûche de Noël

2019.7.23 11H00-14H30 
Oiseau deNim Atelier 私人教室 永安市場捷運站

婚禮蛋糕 Gâteaux de Mariage

2019.7.25 10H30-14H30 
瓜媽手作園地 台北捷運 忠孝新生站 Taipei MRT Zhongxiao-Xinsheng Station

水仙花盆栽 Narcissus 

2019.7.20 11H15-17H00 at Eslite Spectrum Xinban Store


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