Little Daisy in the Garden

This is the first post in the first day of the spring! We have sunny day and mild weather here since the weekend.  It’s quite cozy and comfortable. I love the SPRIGN!!!

I made some little pots of daisies and philodendron and some crates in my  tiny garden. Little daisies, little bunnies and little birds are the elements of my spring!

Inspired by a Taiwan friend, Linda, I tried and made a stool with woven seat. The stool was made of basswood and cotton thread. It’s not practical to use basswood since it’s that soft and it consumes a lot of time to weave the seat. I have talked to a friend cause my wood knowledge is limited. If some of you also have any good idea, welcome and please kindly share with me.

The little chef has cleaned her hands and dress and has left the garden. She is on the way to the market now. Let’s see what she will prepare for the next!

Shout for joy of the spring!! 


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