Sunshine Award

Thank you Linda for the Sunshine Award.
Please visit Linda’s blog at

According to the rules, I need to
1) Display the image and publish the rules.
2) Post the link of who won the prize.
3) Pass the award to six blogs dream.
4) Send notice to the blogs listed.

I’d like to pass to:
1) Asuka Sakumo Cloudy Purplesky at
http://asukas.blogspot.com/ for for these cute mini and selflessly sharing!

2) Nyann Over the Silver Moon at http://overthesilvermoon.blogspot.com/ also for the her sharing of useful techniques and know-how.

3) PetiteCreation at http://petitecreation.blogspot.com/; I find her lovely minis lately.

4) Soazig Les Vents du Monde at http://lesventsdumonde.blogspot.com/ for her mini creations and kindness.

5) Stephanie PetitPlat at http://petitplatbysk.blogspot.com/; hope there is no more clouds in her mind; she is supposed to be like sunshine in the blue sky.

6) Hanna HANNA & LEIJONA at http://hannajaleijona.blogspot.com/ for her adorable creations and sharing!

Okay, c'est fait. I am going to school. Wish everybody a shiny Monday.


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