French Checkerboard Plates -Red & Blue and more

These plates are the only and unexpected working progress of this week.

We expected some work and maintained the house with the in-laws. So before they arrived in our home last Sat, I have arranged my working table and moved the tools and material to the working room.

During the time Formula 1 was broadcast, I had some leisure time to print the decals and prepared making some little plates.

When papa in-law saw the decal stickers on the table, he was so curious and would like to try how it worked. So, we soaked the decals and plaster them onto the plates together. We both were quite excited when seeing the result though there were still some defects on the surface. :)


Awesome! A Lovely Gift from Catherine

I sent a message to Catherine ( Kilmouski & Me) at the first moment when I received the parcel. The first thing caught my eyes was Catherine’s handwriting on envelop. So neat, so beautiful!

After I opened the gift box, I did want to sing praise of her masterly craftsmanship. As you can see the watering can is precisely made. I cannot help but look at it every 5 minutes. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Catherine! ;-) The little watering can is definitely in the spotlight and will be cherished forever!

The little gifts for Flora, Sylvie, and Luisa & Malú have left for their destinations this morning! Hope the three ladies will be happy when they receive the parcels!
I started the houseclean yesterday because the in-laws will arrive in our home tomorrow. I will take several days off and WORK for the house. *Hope it would be as fun as dollhouse-making. *_*


Come Dine with Us- AIM Spet iMag is out now!

It’s great pleasure seeing so much delicious food in Sept issue! As the miniature food lovers, we expect more brilliant food projects and see more gorgeous pieces in the iMag.
I love each page! I have discovered many talented artisans and their wonderful works in this issue.
This reminds me of more blog visiting I should do too! :)

Aim Imag Issue 37 September 2011


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