2010 wishes & resolution!

It’s been a long time I don’t play the mini food. During the past 3 months, we went back to my hometown, and then continued house hunting till Christmas. Fortunately we did find one lovely house; if everything goes smoothly, we’ll move in April. That means I will have my own "professional studio" instead of playing clay on the dining table every time.

It takes some time for me to be back to the world of mini since I was out of practice.
Here I’d like to say thank you to someone, because of his guidance, I could be back and return to this BIG family "faster".
I would also encourage myself to make progress. Of course could not be as lazy as in 2009. XP

Below are my new works. Via them, I'd like to wish Happy 2010 to everybody even it has slid in February, a month to be in love...

◆Charlotte de macarons aux fruits de la Passion
Charlotte: diameter 20mm
Macaron: diameter 5mm
Cake box dimention:23*23*11mm


◆Plaisir aux macaronsframboise et pistache
Plaisir (L): diameter 20mm
Plaisir(S): diameter 14mm
Cake box dimention:23*23*11mm


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