My Treasures, My Presents

I have been thinking to make the post and share some very nice miniatures that I have received from the friends of blogland . The most important thing for me is the good will and kindness. :)
Goldfish in a Glass Bowl
Carol found it in Chicago and delivered directly from the show. She is a very nice friend and knows well I love very much Japanese artisans’ creations. :) I was so touched when receiving her parcel. I will find a good place and well set it up in the beautiful scene of my miniatures. :P
Glass Bottles
I was very lucky to win the bottles from Pepper,  Mitchy Moo Miniatures! I read very often the techniques and know-how she shares with us in her blog. I find the tips so helpful for my project. Thanks so much, Pepper!! :D

Wash-basin Table
This was a big surprise when I met Marie-Laure in SIMP in Jun! I saw it on her table when we started to settle the stands. It was so fine and delicate, I decided to buy it but Marie-Laure gave me as a gift. I was so spoiled!!! Merci, bisous!!!
Moses Basket
I am a loyal fan of Lidi! Every time when I received her parcels, I could not help but praise the craftsmanship!! When I saw the Moses basket on her blog after I came back from Paris, I fell in love with it. It's so gorgeous! At that moment I thought I had a bb girl and the color was so perfect!! I definitely treasure it. :) Love to you, Lidi!!

The cake stands shown on the last pictures are made by me, inspired by a lady whom I met in the workshop of SIMP. They are parts of the accessories of the project "Au Rêve Gourmand" too.
Have a great weekend! :-)


Kitchen waste? No!! :)

I was stressed before leaving for Paris; no matter how much efforts I tried, I always thought that my stand did not look right. At that moment, I was not willing to take pictures of each individual piece.

J'étais stressé avant d’aller à Paris; malgré les efforts que j'ai essayés de faire, j'ai toujours été insatisfaite de mon stand. À ce moment-là, je n'étais pas envie de prendre quelques photos de chaque pièce.

After three-day rest, I took out the rest works from the luggage and took some pictures of them. Though they were not totally sold out in the show, they are still lovely in my eyes. :)
Après trois jours de repos, je prends les pièces qui sont restés dans les bagages et j’ai pris quelques photos d'eux. Bien qu'ils n’aient pas été totalement vendus dans le salon, ils sont encore mignons à mes yeux. :)


SIMP 2012: a grand Thank-you to you

On Sunday, we arrived in the show around 8h05 and there have been already a lot of exhibitors starting to set up the stands. The public opening was 10am, and I thought I would have enough time to display my stand. In fact I was a little bit slower than I imagined. I did not totally complete the setting and the time was up.
Le dimanche, nous sommes arrivés à l’ESPACE CHAMPERRET vers 8h05 et il y avait déjà beaucoup d'exposants qui commençaient à mettre en place des stands. L'ouverture au public était à 10h, et je pensais avoir assez de temps pour monter mon stand. En fait, j'étais un peu plus lente que ce que j'imaginais.

To my surprise, several customers came directly to our stand at the same time when the door was just opened; our table was small and it was not in a very good location. I felt spoiled and grateful because many customers were patient waiting behind. 

À ma grande surprise, plusieurs clients venus directement sur notre stand juste à l’ouverture. Notre table était petite et elle n'était pas très bien placée. Je me sentais gâtée et reconnaissante, car de nombreux clients faisaient la queue derrière.

Since there were always customers in front, we did not have time to take a break or have lunch BUT we were so pleased!! Around 14h00, 70% of my work has left with the new owners. It was a quite busy but very lovely day for me and the hubby.

Comme il y avait en permanence des visiteurs, nous n'avons pas eu le temps de prendre une pause ou le déjeuner, mais nous étions très contents! Vers 14h00, 70% de mon travail était déjà  parti vers de nouveaux propriétaires. Ce fut une journée très occupée, mais très agréable pour moi et mon mari.
A lot of ladies came, said hello and congratulated me on my creation and the book; they were satisfied with the contents and the methods that I make the veggies and fruits. They all agreed the explanations and the how-to pictures are clear to understand. I appreciated so much all your kind words and your fidelity. Thank you so much!

Beaucoup de dames vinrent, dire bonjour et me féliciter pour le livre, apparemment satisfaites avec les contenus et les méthodes de réalisation des légumes et des fruits. Elles ont tous convenu que les explications et les photos sont claires à comprendre. J'ai apprécié autant tous les mots gentils. Je vous remercie encore et encore.

This was the first time we exhibited in France and we had a very sweet and fruity result; we have been so touched by the words of customers and friends we met in the show. I was encouraged and so was the hubby!

Ce fut la première fois nous avons exposé en France et nous avons eu un résultat très encourageants; nous avons été tellement touché par les mots de clients et des amis que nous avons rencontrés dans le salon.

I especially want to say thank-you to Muriel of “Mon Tout Petit Monde” and Christine Voirin the organizer of the SIMP who have been giving me so much help in the workshops and the show.
Also little kisses for Linda and David of “Une Petite Folie” who have been so kind and coming to me when the show just started! Thanks very  much for your present and lovely greetings! :D

Je veux surtout dire merci à Muriel de "Mon Tout Petit Monde" et Christine Voirin l'organisatrice  du SIMP qui m’ont beaucoup aidé à l’atelier et au salon. Aussi des petits bises pour Linda et David de "UnePetite Folie" qui ont eu la gentillesse et à venir me voir quand le salon venait de commencer! Merci beaucoup pour la salutation et le petit cadeau! :D


SIMP 2012 Off to Paris

Today is the last working day before the SIMP. Some roasted chickens have been made this morning and I took some pictures of the works before packing the luggage just now.

We will leave for Paris in the early morning tomorrow and meet some Taiwan friends in the town. I will share my know-how with the participants in the workshops on Saturday then the show starts on Sunday.

My stand number is 20; I will be there with Catherine of Ninette & Co and Marie-Laure of  Recréation Miniature. I sincerely welcome those who will attend the SIMP to come to our stands and say hello! :)

See you soon!


Blog Anniversary Giveaway

My blog is going to be three years old in July. I appreciate all of you who continue reading, supporting and leaving me comments in the posts. It’s so great to share my works here with you.
After enjoy three-year time playing FIMO, my first paper baby was born in May. There is an invisible hand pushing me forward and I always think the power coming from my audiences. If you don’t look at me, I might feel lonely when dancing in the stage of blogland.

In the previous post, I mentioned I did not have any copy of book for sale but I still have 4 in hand. Before dispatching books to customers, I checked all the books one by one; once I found some trace or stain in the book, I kept it aside. This is why I still keep 4. It’s possible to return them to the publisher but I consider of this for a moment due to the environmental consciousness. They don’t look nice on the cover but the contents are still helpful and attractive to those who are interested in the techniques of miniatures made in polymer clay. Once you agree with my viewpoints, welcome to participate this event. :)
Here I would like to offer a book or a mini peony for my blog readers.
So, as long as you are the follower of my blog, leave your comments and let me know which gift you prefer in this post by 13th July then you will have the opportunity to take my book or the mini peony home! I highly appreciate if you leave the news on your blog too!

The lucky winners will be announced on 14th July, 18h00 local time in France.

I also give another copy as a giveaway on the fan page of Facebook.
Welcome to take another entry there too!
Bonjour à tous :)
Mon blog aura trois ans en Juillet. J’apprécie beaucoup d’être lue et de recevoir les commentaires et le support à travers les posts. C’est tellement intéressant de partager les points de vue et de pouvoir présenter mon travail.
Après trois ans de pratique de la FIMO, mon bébé en papier est publié depuis mai. A l’écriture de ce livre il y a une main invisible qui me poussait en avant et je pense que je tiens cette énergie des lecteurs de mon blog.
Pour cette raison je vais offrir soit la miniature « Petite pivoine » soit un livre par tirage au sort. J’ai mis de côté quelques livres qui ont des traces sur la couverture et que pour cette raison je ne mets pas en vente, mais qu’il serait quand même dommage de détruire maintenant que les arbres sont coupés et que l’encre est imprimée. Le contenu est évidemment intact, et restera potentiellement utile pour ceux qui s’intéressent à la technique polymère.
Pour participer il faut laisser un commentaire sur ce post avant le 13 Juillet et je tirerais au sort l’heure bénéficiaire. De toute façon j’apprécie toujours les commentaires. Surtout ne oubliez pas de me dire ce que vous préférez.
Le gagnant sera annoncé le 14 juillet à 18h.
Je mets un livre au tirage au sort sur la page Facebook, il est également possible d’y participer.
Merci et bonne journée :)


Veggie Mold Starts

I have been absent for almost a month! I was not willing to work in the garage and in the kitchen but I had to since the in-laws have come to the South and help some work for the house in May.

It was difficult thinking of the SIMP but making almost nothing for a moment last month.
What we have gained was a beautiful range hood and a well painted garage!

After the in-laws go back to Paris, the hubby and I work hard for our own and we are happy taking back the freedom!! LOL

During the past weeks, I tried to make some pastries, like Paris Brest, La Galette des Rois and l’Opera since I have been thinking of them for a long time(I knew I had to try!).

There were some custom orders and finally the veggie mold has started since this week! Hope I will have enough items for SIMP.

I have to say thank-you to those who have written to me via emails or on the Fanpage of my Facebook. Thanks so much for your warm comments. I am pleased to know your thoughts toward my book. This encourages me. Please wait for me a moment and I will try to reply you one by one after the SIMP.

I appreciate all the friends and unknown friends from blogland who have purchased the books directly from me since 7th May. They are all sold. Though I don’t have any copies in stock now, I will try my best to reserve some for SIMP. Once anyone of you who will attend the SIMP and need a copy, please feel free to email me before 13th Jun

For International orders, I recommend Amazon.ca for the Canadian and the American customers; maybe Amazon FR, Amazon UK and Amazon DE for European customers.

Once it's not available or not easy to get a copy in your places (like in Asia and Australia for example), I will do my best to provide the service. The little giveaway event is late but will be announced next week. Thank you! :)


Season of Artichokes

The rain has passed several times and some new leaves appear. I feel cheerful in the season of artichokes, and I love so much to see the color contrast between berries and asparagus in the markets, so vivid!
I was glad when knowing my book is nearly out on 7th May but at the same time my heart was not tranquil.

As I talked to a friend, it’s complex feeling, just like a mother looks at her newborn baby.
It is worth but it has been so tiring and struggling. Fortunately it's done. :) I am able to leave more energy for some other things I love.

We will have a giveaway event announced in the coming days!
I sincerely invite you to participate!


Tartelettes aux fruits et au chocolat- CDHM online Tutorial

In 2009, it was the first time I attended the class in CDHM Forum and I was inspired with the techniques that the tutors shared with us. This is where I started my road of miniature creations in polymer clay. I appreciate so much the Forum organizes the basic courses for the beginners like me.

In 2010, I gave my first class “1:12 French Macaroons” in CDHM Forum and it’s published on CDHM The Miniature Way September 2010, Issue 8.

In 2011, I was absent for some personal reasons (the book and the show etc.) and now I am back.

I am pleased to tell you that I will share again a little tutorial with those who loves to make miniature food in CDHM Forum next Saturday, 12th May. As long as you are forum members, you can register and participate the course online. Hope you will enjoy making the fruit and chocolate tarts with me.

Expect to see you there!


« Bon Miam Miam »

When we find something tasty, we usually say “c’est bon”, “c’est très bon" but when we talk to children or familiar friends, we migjt say “Miam” or “Miam miam”.

I was thinking to create my own biscuit brand name, I found it quite fun and naughty to make the combination “Bon Miam Miam“ which express "tasty and delicious" in a cheerful way!

So, this is a custom-made for a very nice customer.
He likes very much Bon Miam Miam biscuits and wants some to decorate the room box.
Hope he enjoys the little chocolate brownie and raspberry tart biscuits! :)


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