New Year Resolution

It’s obliged to make a NYR in the beginning of the year.
Mine for 2012 is go to bed before midnight every day and spend more time in the house and the yard.

Looking back to 2011, it was a bio and organic year for me: I started sculpturing miniature market food and I did love the theme; when I worked on these mini veggies and fruits, I felt joyful and closer to the nature. Many ‘first time’ happened in 2011: the first time going to Miniatura Birmingham, the first show magically held in Arnhem and the first time visiting in Italy. I was excited and enjoyed a lot last year!

I am still thinking of the goal, the target and a theme for this year but before that, I will take a break and leave for to Asia in January.

I will spend more time and celebrate the Chinese New Year with my parents, the sisters, the brother and all the family; of course the hubby and some old friends will be there too.

I sincerely wish you a happy, healthy and fruity year in 2012.
More ideas and more creativities in both the real life and the miniature world.
Remember 5 vegetables and fruits per day and keep smiling every day! :)


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