Season of Artichokes

The rain has passed several times and some new leaves appear. I feel cheerful in the season of artichokes, and I love so much to see the color contrast between berries and asparagus in the markets, so vivid!
I was glad when knowing my book is nearly out on 7th May but at the same time my heart was not tranquil.

As I talked to a friend, it’s complex feeling, just like a mother looks at her newborn baby.
It is worth but it has been so tiring and struggling. Fortunately it's done. :) I am able to leave more energy for some other things I love.

We will have a giveaway event announced in the coming days!
I sincerely invite you to participate!


Tartelettes aux fruits et au chocolat- CDHM online Tutorial

In 2009, it was the first time I attended the class in CDHM Forum and I was inspired with the techniques that the tutors shared with us. This is where I started my road of miniature creations in polymer clay. I appreciate so much the Forum organizes the basic courses for the beginners like me.

In 2010, I gave my first class “1:12 French Macaroons” in CDHM Forum and it’s published on CDHM The Miniature Way September 2010, Issue 8.

In 2011, I was absent for some personal reasons (the book and the show etc.) and now I am back.

I am pleased to tell you that I will share again a little tutorial with those who loves to make miniature food in CDHM Forum next Saturday, 12th May. As long as you are forum members, you can register and participate the course online. Hope you will enjoy making the fruit and chocolate tarts with me.

Expect to see you there!


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