1:12 or 1:6 scale? My doll collections

From the very beginning I was crazy about collecting dolls between 2002-2004. I almost collected 20 momoko dolls, 60 Jenny dolls, around 25 Barbie and several Blyth and Pullip.

Since 95% of my dolls is 1/6 scale; 5% is 1/4 scale (Tyler & Sydney Dolls), I tried to look for everything, inclusive of clothes, suits, shoes, pets, sofa, desks, motorbikes, and boyfriends in 1/6 scale for my dolls.

So, it's quite natural for me to sculpt 1/6 scale mini food when I started.

When I make up my mind to do a usual practice of 1/12 scale miniature, I just understnd it's more difficult to do it than in 1/6. Sometimes I doubt if I could not control well my fingers and sculpt the right shapes and texture.

Maybe my question is stupid but I'd like to know if all the miniaturists practice and play with clay at home themselves to have very good kong-fu or... it's possible to find some masters who give lessons in miniatures?

Ok, I almost finish the 4th post in July. It's also a very good opportunity to practice my English. Thanks for the patience to read my post. Have a nice evening! ;-)


Musée des Miniatures et décors de cinéma-Vieux Lyon

Last Wednesday I met some friends in Lyon and we passed a great dinnertime together.

The first time I visited Lyon was in September 2008. Since I stayed only for two days, I did not have enough time visiting this famous international museum of miniature. So last Thu, I went back to Vieux Lyon by metro cause I was eager for it.

Musée des Miniatures et décors de cinéma is one private museum. Except the marvelous windows, there are also some film scenes displays from the basement to 1st floor. My heart vibrated to all the treasres inside. It’s so touching that I passed two hours there in the morning. Even I got a fever at that moment, I still enjoyed a lot.

Official website:
If you're interested in some other pictures, you could link to my original web:

Lyon is one of my favorite cities in France. There is a lot of good food that you could have traditional Lyonnaise cuisine in the ‘bouchon’. Of course Lyon is also one cultural center but it’s totally different from Paris style! You must consider it as one stop once you come to France.


Cheese, bread and wine

I am late for this post. :_)

Since I am curious about the property and effects of polymer clay, I decided to start from some simple items like sausages, cheeses and bread. Before this, I also tried to make some fruits and fruit canes but I did not do well.

As you can see on the picture, the tomates seem filled with ham.*This is an opinion from one friend. But it's alright, I will have a try again anyway. On the left, it's one of my tatting lace works.

Wine and bread always accompany cheese on the table even after the main course. However I put just two empty goblets to display.

There are various kinds of cheese and bread in the market. Here, I don’t make specific items but tried to present the texture and property of each.

Previously, my cheese and bread were like frozen food, looked too hard to swallow. Fortunately I have a better result at the end.

I don’t know many specific skills but learn by experiment. When I was alone at home for several days, it was the best moment to create my works. That means I did not need to cook, arrange the house, eat or sleep on time since my husband was not there. I could do nothing but focus only on the miniature :-)

Again, hope you like this post.


Hot dog, delicious!

Today is Independence Day of United States. Although the subject has nothing to do with it, my first post of miniature on blogspot is done this evening :-)

Personally I love hot dog with spicy flavor, witch is garnished with pickle relish, and chili peppers; of course onion, salad, and mustard are also requisite.

This is the first time that I make the hot dog sandwich.
Hope you would also like it.


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