Alice in Wonderland ◆Alice au Pays des Merveilles

During the weekend, we went to the cinema and saw the 3D movie “Alice in Wonderland”. The story is simple but the tea party scene is quite interesting.

After Alice dinks some kind of magic liquid, she becomes a tiny girl. Her little blue dress does make me crazy.

I imagine I could find some similar dress for my dolls but I find one stunning “Mad Hatter” doll on Etsy.

It's cool, non?! :)

My husband is going for business trip for two weeks. This time I don’t go with him cause I need to stay home and prepare to move by the end of April. So I got an extra Easter gift –a small bicycle! When I feel bored at home, I am able to go biking with my neighbor Elizabeth.

I passed a couple of cozy days last week and did not make any minis. I hope I can find some new ideas and inspirations to continue my next projects!


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