Long for Italian food

I have been keeping quiet and taken a break for three weeks. After my family and the hubby left, I read magazines, took a nap on the sofa every day during the first week. It was unbelievably cozy. I adore hide behind the little moment of idleness. XD

I thought I should try something that I have never made to enhance my experience cause I have been just playing clay for three years. These two weeks I tried to make some canning of tomato, different ingredient and components for my mini pizza and spaghetti. 
I also made some packages and pizza boxes for “Oiseau deNim’s Pizzeria & Ristorante”. I hope the black pizza box does not look strange. :P

some spaghetti and vegetable gartin

some chilled pizza...

July is always a special month for me. Yes, the 4th July was the 2nd anniversary of my blog and yesterday was our 4th anniversary of marriage. We reserved a table in the restaurant “Le Lisita” near the arena of Nimes. The weather was great and the food was delicious!

Now, I am thinking of a thanQ giveaway for my blog’s followers. I will make the next post soon.
Enjoy the weekend friends! :)



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