Go Fishing?

My little chef told me that she was going to the market but in fact she went fishing and brought some funny fish back. Why funny fish? Phew~

I re-started making some fish three weeks ago when the hubby was away during two weeks. I found I almost forgot the way to control the clay and the shapes of fish. When I completed the first 4 fish, I sent the photo to Carol, Alison and KT.

Carol and Alison were very kind to me, they both gave me a lot of compliments and said my fish was cute. On the contrary, KT, my instructor, mock me and said it was that difficult to make the 4 fish which have 4 different looks, as if they were chatting in the ocean. Oh, fortunately I knew her and my heart was strong enough, otherwise I must be sad to die. LOL

Sometimes I worked and sometimes I stopped. What you have seen on the pictures is made during these three weeks. I will show you those I made in Taipei next time.
Now I might say fish-making is also a road of no return. Or I should say, making creatures is a lot of fun but it’s not easy at all. I would love continue practicing since I like to see the emotion they release in their eyes.  :o)


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