Have you all had a great time on St. Valentine’s Day?

I know I was late! Though the special day has been passing, I still wish you all had very good time, had great chocolate and have received wonderful gifts from your beloveds.

Yes, I am back to France, another home of mine! It was terribly cold when I arrived in CDG airport. During the first week, I made the cocooning and watched Japanese TV series at home. :D

Before going back to Taipei for the Chinese New Year, I spent two days in Hong Kong and met several miniaturists I admired.

It was great fun to meet Lulu (Lulu’s Miniatures) who was back from Australia for the vacation with her family; we went shopping and tried different HK dim sums together. She made a very cute mushroom gift box for me as the CNY present. :o) After separating with her, I took the metro and met another friend Una.

Thanks to Una, I had the opportunity to meet Maggie Chan (WK Maggie's Miniatures), a very famous tutor and miniaturist in Hong Kong. It was stunning to see so many beautiful works in her atelier. Maggie was a very friendly and nice lady; she showed me several precious pieces of her friends and also gave me many gifts. (I was spoiled again) I was very lucky to see the works of Tony Lai (tototon model world) glancing in the spotlight. That evening, Una’s husband invited us for dinner; we had a lot of seafood at Lei Yue Mun! :)

I was also very happy to meet Amy (Amy’s Miniatures) and Cheily (Petit
deCherries) the next morning.  We went yum cha before I left for the airport. It was a short but very interesting visit!!

I was busy for the workshops which were held in Taipei between 12th and 15th Jan. I was pleased to meet so many girls and ladies during the four days.  The eldest lady who joined the workshop was a professor of one famous university and the youngest girl was a primary school student. As an instructor, I taught how to make the miniatures in the classroom but I have leant how to be a good teacher in return.  I did appreciate this valuable experience. I also have to say thank-you to all my friends and students!
Just several days before coming back to France, I was honored to have the contact from Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. I expect for the next! :)


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