Vivre la France! The winner is....

Today is the National Day of France; we started to have fireworks since last night. This week I made some berries to go with “Bonne Maman Tartelettes framboises” in celebration of this day.

The products of Bonne Maman, like biscuits, fruit jam and Madeleine, are very common but popular in the daily life. We always keep some ‘storage’ in the drawer. Normally we have afternoon tea at 4pm (à quatre heure) but when children are back from school, it’s already 5pm. So we often enjoy the teatime between 5 and 6pm then have dinner between 8 and 9pm in France.

Now we go back to my blog’s anniversary giveaway.

This morning I asked my husband to draw… before showing the winner, I would like to say thank you to all the participants for this event. I am pleased that you would like to win my minis and I am sure we will have more gifts in the coming months.

So… let’s start!
I printed all the ballot paper this morning

putting into my tea bowl...

This mister has his own opinion to draw the paper out of the bowl...

Obviously the winner is…..

Chani of Blanc et Caramel Congraulations, my friend!
I will dispatch your minis soon and don't forget to let me know your address! :)
Bonne fête!


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