Wishing you a sliver Merry Christmas

((((Hello my dear friends))))

The wonderful vacation is coming…
I sincerely wish you sound, happiness and lots of good fortune in the coming 2012
Have great time and good food with all the family
and… may all your wishes come true!!! :-)

Peiwen xxxxx


Little Gingerbread Houses

Obviously I did not work on sweets and pastries for a long time because I set up the goal and focus on making market fresh food in 2011.

Just several days ago I attempted to make a ginger house for the Christmas; I found it difficult to re-approach the sense perception I wanted.

In the end I got two kawaii candy houses.

It’s said colors reflect the mood and the personality.

 I hope it’s true and I’d love to be a pleasant person with sweet temper as always! LOL

Hope the little ginger houses make you simle too! :)


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