Tiny Portfolios

I received two sets of my portfolios on 25th May when I came back from Paris. I was so happy when opening the parcel. It’s "Mari@ Il Cucchiaino Magico" who made for me.

Starting to co-work in April, we wrote to each other and checked the layout and details over 80 emails. I felt embarrassed but impressed with Maria’s patience.  :P

Voila! These are what I received. A book of mini food & pastry, a book of mini plants & flowers and a lovely box for two books!  There are 31 pages in each book. She gave me many good and useful suggestions for the inside pages and I completed the cover design.  I saw her passion and the talent when working t with her.  She is absolutely the specialist of mini books; she also makes my little dream come true. ;D 

In another way, it also encourages me to experiment on more new work. Maybe I am capable to have the 3rd or 4th mini portfolios in the future. LOL

Discover more delight and treasure in her Etsy shop “The Magic Teaspoon” on and her blog “Il Cucchiaino Magico”!
Have a great weekend, my friends! Thank you too, Maria!


Some treasures from the SIMP

I arrived 30 minutes before the show started. I was the 30th visitor. When the door opened, I walked directly to Elisabath's stand and I am also her first customers. She is affable and friendly! It took time to choose her minis because everything is that beautiful. 

Didier WETZEL's workshops also interest me. He gives not only workshop of furniture but also wood turnings.

The most impressive thing for me is discover "Le Molecole" in the show. Rosanna has sent me her web last year; it was thrilling to see her and her works in the show. I think I spent more than 30 minutes in total in front of her stand. I was struggling!!! LOL

I was happy because I brought several lovely pieces from the SIMP. This is the second time I attend the show; I was pleased to meet Rosanna and Geneviève in person.  I was very satisfied with my purchase too. :D


Return from Market

Time flies! One month has been passing so fast.
Today I’d like to show you the working table filled with some fresh food from the market that I worked before my parents’ arrival. 

There are some leaf vegetable, tomatoes, asparagus and some meat. My favorite is the raw pork; it looks real and cute.

I have spent very good time with my parents in Paris and in the South during a month; I know I will be sad when saying goodbye to them in the airport on Sat but I believe SIMP will comfort me and cheer me up!:P

Have a great weekend!


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