Create our own clay pantone

I have passed a period of time without Internet and TV in my life after the house move. I went shopping alone and read a new book that I ordered from Amazon.fr last week when my husband had business trip in US.

I was touched and so much inspired by this book: Polymer Clay COLOR INSPIRATION/ Lindly Haunani & Maggie Maggio

It starts from the theories of Hue, Value and Saturation but there are also some very interesting techniques in this book.

I spent two days making three clay pantones. It's useful to get the formula of each color.

Here are also two inspirational videos on YouTube:
Color Scales in Polymer Clay
Color Scales II - Playing with Color Scales
Highly recommend!

When my husband was away, I made a new friend--- a gray cat. He came to see me all the week. When seeing him in the garden now, I just need to wave my hand and call him, and he jumps and runs to me immediately. What a lovely cat!:P


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