My Treasures, My Presents

I have been thinking to make the post and share some very nice miniatures that I have received from the friends of blogland . The most important thing for me is the good will and kindness. :)
Goldfish in a Glass Bowl
Carol found it in Chicago and delivered directly from the show. She is a very nice friend and knows well I love very much Japanese artisans’ creations. :) I was so touched when receiving her parcel. I will find a good place and well set it up in the beautiful scene of my miniatures. :P
Glass Bottles
I was very lucky to win the bottles from Pepper,  Mitchy Moo Miniatures! I read very often the techniques and know-how she shares with us in her blog. I find the tips so helpful for my project. Thanks so much, Pepper!! :D

Wash-basin Table
This was a big surprise when I met Marie-Laure in SIMP in Jun! I saw it on her table when we started to settle the stands. It was so fine and delicate, I decided to buy it but Marie-Laure gave me as a gift. I was so spoiled!!! Merci, bisous!!!
Moses Basket
I am a loyal fan of Lidi! Every time when I received her parcels, I could not help but praise the craftsmanship!! When I saw the Moses basket on her blog after I came back from Paris, I fell in love with it. It's so gorgeous! At that moment I thought I had a bb girl and the color was so perfect!! I definitely treasure it. :) Love to you, Lidi!!

The cake stands shown on the last pictures are made by me, inspired by a lady whom I met in the workshop of SIMP. They are parts of the accessories of the project "Au Rêve Gourmand" too.
Have a great weekend! :-)


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