My fauteuil, Hydrangeas and gifts

In Juin, I attended a workshop of SIMP for understanding more wooden works.
My instructor, Michelle of Petits Bonheurs Miniature, is a very kind and patient teacher and she explains her ways making mini furniture step by step.

In the past I did not know it took so much time for sanding and repainting these wooden pieces before assembling. She recommends us some material and medium to run.

In our group, 99% people chose white as their furniture color. I brought only one tube of green acrylic paint there and when I doubted if I made the same decision as everybody, Michelle took her magic box and showed me this floral pattern cloth. It went well with my green color! I think I’m the only one who used odd color for mini furniture but the result seems great. :) A huge thank-you to Michelle!

For these Hydeangeas, they are made of cold porcelain. I don’t know if I will continue making flowers and sell some in the future cause I felt helpless when making the petals. It took really long time and difficult to control. But at least, I have experienced flower-making since it’s been an item on my wish list for a long time.

Another interesting thing is my purchases---two butterflies from Julia of GodsFlyingFlower and two mini books from Danielle of marottesud

When I received these small items, I could not believe my eyes. They are absolutely pretty, tiny and amazing. I am satisfied with my choices.

Last Sat. I went to MyFrenchCuisine’s place for BBQ. Her garden is southern France style or I might say it’s more Mediterranean taste. Her husband installed a huge pot beside the swimming pool, that maks it very Greece. Of course we have spent a very good time on the table and in the pool. I hope some day my garden will as pertty as theirs.

The latest thing which makes me very happy is I received a SWAP gift from Eve of AfterDark. Her work is unexceptionable! I was dazed when looking at these peaches she sent me. Thank you too, Eve!! Happy Blog Anniversary! :P

Hope this post is not too long.
Have a HAPPY weekend!


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