Live in harmony with her

It’s more frequent those natural disasters appear and it also become more difficult to predict the weather. Several days ago, two earthquakes happened in Samoan and Indonesia on 30th Sept and 1st Oct, thousands of people were killed. After four days, one earthquake also happened in Taiwan when one typhoon approached it.

I felt a little bit down when my sister told me the news through MSN messenger. As a Taiwanese, I understand how violent it can be when here comes an earthquake; especially my parents and sister live in 14th floor. It’s rare but “normal” to see the fish flying out of the aquarium.

It’s common to see typhoons and earthquakes in Taiwan but they bring more and more unexpected execution nowadays. The Earth is sick without doubt but the true factors of the change of the weather is still indefinite.

These beads of mine are called "green eddy of the Earth"; the main concept is they could be the modest typhoon, which follow The Doctrine of the Mean (Chinese: 中庸; pinyin: zhōng yōng). Maybe it’s a little bit philosophic but this could remind me to reduce pollutions and respect this land. But the worse is, even I know that, I will still need to pollute the Earth when the flight take off in the coming days.


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