Flower Baskets, Lunar New Year & AIM February’s Issue Magazine

A mixed post.... :D

I continue making some flowers and oval baskets recently. I also tried a square one on Sunday evening but I did not get a good result. Will have a try again this week.

The chef of my mini kitchen goes temporarily on the strike. I hope she will be back soon! LOL

Today is the last day of the year of Tiger; most part of Asian people now is having the family reunion dinner. I went shopping yesterday and will prepare a very spicy hot pot for this evening.

I know a Shanghai girl, who marries a French, in the school since last year. In this city, we are the only ones who could talk with each other in Mandarin. Now we both often drive out, go shopping and have lunch in restaurants together. She, her husband and their big dog will come to our home and celebrate the New Year’s Eve with us.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!! Here I wish you great fortune and great favour in the coming Rabbit year!

Another very important thing is AIM February’s iMag is out! I have downloaded the file and will read the topic of this month ‘Shabby Chic’ in the cozy afternoon. Enjoy it! :o)


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