Au Rêve Gourmand: Tea Salon and Library

I started the tea salon project in 2016 but for the whole concrete project I started offically from the second half of the year 2017. It includes 5 scenes : pastry shop, tea salon, library, tea shop and terrace garden. In between 2017 and 2018, I completed the electric lighting setting. It was a complicated but very interesting project. I also have completed most part of the furniture. During the two weeks of lockdown, I have filled the bookshelves with copies of gilded books. The library in the second floor is almost done.
The painting "Lilas in the glass vase" is the work of my friend Catherine Buron Masbou de 'NINETTE & CO'!
I now need to get more inspiration for the next project! :)

Vidéo: le jour et la nuit à la bibliothèque


Antique Gilded Books

It's the third week of lockdown in France. For most of people who craft, we don't feel that bored at home. But just at the same moment, we have to make the schedules for our kids and avoid spending too much time in front of the screens. I am pleased the French Education Department has prepared national/ educational programs and starts to give lessons for all the children at home.  The teachers of my kids prepare too the homework everyday except Wednesday and the weekend.

When they are in the classes, I make miniatures. Maybe I might catch one hour, and two hours maximum in the day time for myself. So, I take advantage of the moment and try to do as much as I am able to.

Voila! Some antique gilded books are made in the past 10 days,  at a low speed but I feel very happy with them.

This time I have been applying the sliver/ gold sheets to book covers, which are made in leather, tissue, and paper.  Depending on different types of material, I encounter different difficulties. The easiest one to apply in this project is synthetic paper. Good luck to me since I still have many copies to complete for my dollhouse library scene but this is my HAPPY spare time during the period of lockdown 🐣

Stay sound and safe everyone!


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