The latest arrival, and some update

I have been taking some rest since these two weeks. The first week, I felt excited because our sofa bed has arrived; the next day Carol sent me messages and photos directly from Tom Bishop Show. I felt as if I were on the site shopping with everybody. LOL
The second week, I received Susi and Susanna’s parcels. Their works are stunning, aren’t they?! I was so pleased with my purchase and swap gifts. They both are excellent and creative artisans that I admire. I am certain you must find treasures once you drop by MiniEden and Elämää koossa 1:12.

I was playing some petal colors last week. It was not that interesting to do molding compared to flowers and fishes sculpting. But when I saw the colors came out nicely, I was satisfied. :o) 

During the weekend, we took a walk along the seashore and had seafood and fish in a little village. The dinner was tasty; the presentation was inspirational too!

Another interesting experience is I went for a flea market with MyFrenchCusine yesterday morning;  With her guide and introduction, I knew better antique stuffs and the ways they worked.   
In the end, I brought two little treasures back home: a waffle maker and a coffee grinder! They are not that expensive but are nice decoration for the house!


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